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You have undoubtedly already found yourself sweating in front of the wine rack trying to choose the perfect bottle for this evening. The Digital Wine Guide does away with this choice stress in a nice, interactive manner.

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If there’s one company that’s completely up to speed with the New Way of Working, then Deloitte is it! The new Gateway building at the airport is the place to be for Generation Z and also offers visitors and clients a breathtaking experience.

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Aurubis has invested in a new office building in which automation and digital communication play central roles. Thanks to smart technologies, these new offices are completely future- proof!

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Torfs is on the move! The popular shoe shop chain launches a completely new concept that fits perfectly with this welcoming family business.

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Perry Sport

After the rollercoaster year that was 2016, Perry Sport is back on track! The new flagship store in Amsterdam marks the kick-off of a unique, revolutionary story.

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You really need to visit a Lexus dealer in order to take part of the unique customer journey! Not a single detail is left to chance, which allows the car dealer to create an incredible experience.

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Bru Textiles

Bru Textiles keeps the various departments informed about the day-to-day business operations and organized events. To give employees a shared sense of “Bru” by fostering a stronger connection between them and by informing them in a more effective way is key.

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Planet Parfum

The new flagship store of Planet Parfum is the beauty paradise of the moment. Beside the wide range of products, some new digital interactive technologies take the shopping experience to the next level.

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Carrefour Mons

‘The store of the future’ by Carrefour Hyper is a must-see for every retailer! This unique advanced store concept has no less than 140 digital signage screens, a gigantic product range and boasts the very latest digital technology.

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Brantano is back with a brand new store concept. The new interior, the fresh palette of colours and the integration of several digital concepts makes Brantano revive!

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The fully renovated Spar is designed to make shopping as pleasant as possible. In different places, digital communication supports the shopping experience.

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Jeans Centre

Jeans Centre never has to say ‘no’ to customers again. If an article is not in stock, it can be ordered on the in-store webshop. In short, a no-sale becomes an extra-sale!!

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The experience in the latest flagship stores is unique. Hunkemöller tickles all your senses thanks to a surprising combination of picture, sound, light and even scent!

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Daikin has chosen digital signage to optimise the internal communication. Employees receive better and faster information thanks to clear and dynamic messages on the screens.

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Even the smallest Aktiesport-store now has access to the entire range. The in-store webshop has eliminated no-sales and meets the customer's needs perfectly!

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Colruyt is convinced of digital signage as a dynamic, flexible and ecological channel of communication. A ROM-analysis resulted in a smart signage-strategy which fully meets the customer's expectations.

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The factory tours at Audi Brussels are a perfect mix of entertainment, information and safety! Digital communication gives visitors a unique look behind the scenes and shows them places they would otherwise never see.

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With fun dynamic content Argenta strengthens the relationship with its clients. Both in the window and the waiting area Argenta uses screen communication to give clients a good feeling.

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The Flemish Community commission uses digital communication to reach visitors and personnel now. A great example of efficient and dynamic internal communication!

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Toyota has gone for interactivity. Visitors receive clear and relevant information while they wait and can find any car accessories on an interactive screen themselves now.

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