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Deloitte Gateway

Over a year ago, Deloitte Belgium moved into the brand new Gateway building at Brussels Airport. This imposing architectural marvel of no less than 34,000 m² is completely in keeping with Deloitte’s international growth and ambition. So the company spared no costs or effort to give visitors, clients and employees the ultimate journey and the corresponding ‘Experience’.

Digital strategy

Mapping the journeys

‘Deloitte came to us with three clear objectives: create an unforgettable experience for visitors, encourage commitment among employees and set up clear signage for employees, visitors and clients’, explains Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist at DOBIT. ‘Based on workshops, site visits and our own know-how, we have worked out a digital signage strategy that perfectly matches Deloitte’s request.’

Deloitte's world


As soon as you walk into the imposing building, you’re immersed in Deloitte’s culture. An imposing video wall at the reception supports the unique character of the building and immediately immerses you in an oasis of calm. A special welcome that continues in the atrium, which – certainly on your first visit – you’ll take a moment to look up from at the building’s sense of spaciousness and grandeur. ‘Here too, screen communication is well integrated into the whole experience. The content on the large curved LED screen adapts to the time of day. At quiet times, images of nature play, whereas at busy times, we play campaign images’ explains Nele Bruers.

Inspiring workplace


In addition to an ‘Experience’ that stays in the mind, Deloitte also pays close attention to well-being at work. Different initiatives – some of which support digital communication – promote commitment and cooperation. The Coffee Corners play a prominent role, but also the fitness room – with a view of the landing and departing aeroplanes – gives employees something to write home about! ‘Here we’re always looking for fun digital concepts in order to give commitment a boost. From an interactive application to a genuine employee campaign, Deloitte isn’t afraid of investing in new initiatives for its employees.’



Such an imposing building requires clear signage, of course. ‘In different places we installed stretched displays, which we use to point visitors and employees in the right direction at a glance’, explains Nele Bruers. In addition, each meeting room is equipped with an interactive digital screen at the entrance, which you can use to see when the room is occupied that day, as well as arrange and rearrange meetings. ‘Digital signage’ is not only ‘nice to have’ at Deloitte to create more of an experience, it is equally a functional communication tool for employees, clients and visitors.’

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