Surprise, satisfy, seduce and stimulate

Tickle all senses

Are you also looking for a unique experience, feeling and emotion? Create a unique store experience by integrating technology in your concept! Go for images, scents, light and sound and create an unforgettable customer experience.

Surprise your customer with images

‘One picture says more than thousand words’ is a perfect summary of what digital signage can do for you. With digital signage (also known as narrowcasting or DOOH) you communicate with your customer in a dynamic and effective way.

A large videowall behind the cash register, digital signage in the shop window, LED screens in the store, interactive kiosks, etc. the possibilities screen communication are legion which makes it so much fun!

Treat your customer to great sound

Sound is a must in any store experience. It is a powerful route to our emotions and has an impact on your customer's purchasing behaviour.  Playing the right music makes for happy customers.

But there's more. Audio linked to digital signage, directional loudspeakers for targeted music, and even an interactive shop window. Give your customer that little bit extra!

Seduce your customer with scents

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense of all! Fresh, elegant, tough, energetic, romantic or sensual. Adding scents adds a new dimension to the store experience.

Connect a diffuser and movement sensor to your digital signage and surprise unsuspecting customers. Hunkemöller plays with scents in the Perfume Bar:  an interactive piece of furniture that seduces customers with intense scents.

Entertain your customer with interactivity

Interactivity is an aspect that provides an element of fun and intimacy in your store. By using touch technology creatively you make the difference today.

A kids' corner with interactive games for small children, an interactive fitting room for fashionistas or an interactive shop window and mirror screens for trendspotters, the possibilities to interact with your public are many.


Our applications

We translate your shop concept to the shop floor by converting technology in the best possible way.  Images, scents, light and sound, all combinations are possible to leave an unforgettable impression:


Inspire, inform and entertain. Nice extra: directional loudspeakers play music that goes perfectly with the content.


In the store or shop window. Dynamic content immediately draws your customer's attention.


Or for children: a fun kids' corner!


Gives customers a preview of a cap, t-shirt or dress and shows extra information or the webshop.


Digital signage linked to camera detection, movement sensor, diffuser or directional loudspeakers.


Gives extra information about your product in an original way.


Ideal for the sale of theft-sensitive products or as product indicator for more information and inspiration.


Quick and easy customer card registration.


Draw extra attention to your products and amaze customers.

We will gladly help you



Our creative content designers will translate your ideas into sparkling lay-outs, fun templates and effortlessly add original effects.  It is all about informing your customers at a glance and grabbing their attention.


Interactivity is a must. Front- and back-end developers are indispensable at DOBIT. They develop all kinds of screen applications to interact with your public.


We make the difference thanks to our ROM-approach (Return On Message) After an in-depth analysis, a real-life test situation and an extensive report we launch the smart screen communication process. Result: efficient, effective and cost-effective digital communication.


During our hands-on training courses and webinars we immerse you in the world of Scala*. After this training you can manage and steer the content on your screens yourself!


The DOBIT buses criss-cross the entire country and our Field Service Engineers convert your idea into a great operational unit.  Quality and security take centre stage. We are only happy when everything is perfect.


We remain on hand after the installation as well! Not only can you count on us for maintenance or repairs, our helpdesk is always at the ready to solve any technical problem as soon as possible.

*Scala is a software-package to manage the content on your screens. More information? Contact us!


Do you have an idea or question?  We will gladly help you!

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