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5 tips for a varied content mix

Regardless of how you communicate with your employees (make sure to take a look in my previous block on this where I explain in greater detail how to bridge the physical distance and the role of Appspace in this respect), it is also a good idea to think about what you communicate.

A varied mix of things people need to know and things that are nice to know keeps your communication lively and attracts those ever so important satisfied employees!

I will be very glad to give you inspiration about what you can communicate. Because any way you look at it, Content is King for your Internal Communication as well:


1. Teams in the spotlight

Rouse the team spirit by putting the performance of a team in the spotlight. A success story where the entire team took up the cause of that one customer, the support team which dealt with a record number of requests in one day, or the project managers who underwent training. Sharing information on different teams has an inspiring effect and keeps everyone informed about what is going on in the different departments.

2. Colleagues have the floor

How do you announce a new employee? An entire welcoming committee is probably a little over the top, but it is nonetheless nice to get some extra information about that new colleague. A photo or some extra information about his or her hobbies, home, or “biggest dream” will often suffice to break the ice and get to know each other better. But also news about colleagues who no longer work in your organization will prove very beneficial. Someone who has become the proud father of twins or someone who organized an event… these nice news items keep the communication fresh and spritely and show the people behind your organization.

3. Centralize information

Informative messages also create involvement and engagement. The weather, traffic but also news about the company and the market are relevant matters worth sharing. It is even better when you provide an interactive platform where employees can share information themselves, ask questions, and answer each other’s queries. Not only does this enhances productivity, but it also gives an enormous boost to cooperation.

4. Put customers in the picture

There is nothing nicer than putting a happy customer in the picture. When you give your customer a face, you stress how important the work of the team is! A satisfied customer has a motivating effect on your employees and inspires them to do their utmost at all times. In addition to this happy customer, you can also share information about your other customers. For instance, follow the social media feed of your customer so that everyone is immediately informed as to who the customer is and what he does. In this way, customers are always on the top of your employees’ mind!

5. Fit @ Work

You hear more and more about companies that launch genuine health campaigns or set up all sorts of sport initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle. These initiatives too are ideal to include in your internal communication approach! From a step challenge to a fully-fledged awareness raising campaign about mobility, when you showcase such actions you create even more involvement in the organization.

In addition to a varied content mix, it has to look nice as well. So pay enough attention to the style of your Internal Communication. We will be glad to lend a helping hand here too. Our content team designs layouts every day for customers such as Torfs, Carrefour and Deloitte – often as part of a digital signage project but also through sharing on the social media or another channel.

Take a look here at a number of layouts and animations that make us proud and do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

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