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Our story in a nutshell

1983 to 1986

How it all started

Long ago the Bruers house was all about technology. With a father and grandfather as watchmakers,  Marc was quickly immersed in the world of technique. The fact that Marc spent more time in the lab than at his school desk during his studies, was no surprise. A couple of jobs in ICT later, Marc set off on a new adventure. This now young father of two active kids followed his heart and established DOBIT:  his own company specialised in technological automations.

1987 to 1990

Mesmerised by touch

Marc has already been an ‘innovator’ from a young age. Computers were only just taking off and Marc was already thinking a keyboard and mouse were obsolete. The solution Marc figured was touch, an at the time extremely advanced technology. In 1987 the first innovative application is a fact: customers of sports centre Greenhill are able to book their tennis court on a touch screen! From that moment on Marc is, and has remained, totally mesmerised by touch. He wants to share his passion and becomes an official Elo products distributor , a sure guarantee of quality.

1991 to 2001

Touch is the new IT!

Suddenly things start moving fast at DOBIT! The general public is ready for touch technology and Elo products are flying out the door. The DOBIT team doubles and the company moves to new offices in the Industrielaan in Olen.  A number of years later, in 2001, Marc establishes a site in the Netherlands and when later, Nele and Bavo - those active kids from 1983 - strengthen the team the circle seems complete.

2002 to 2019

DOBIT goes digital signage

The Elo products are doing well, but the need for ‘Dobit's own added value’ is growing. Just at that time a new trend has spread from America: digital signage. Nele, Bavo and Marc see massive opportunities and take the plunge. The collaboration with Scala and a first project at Colruyt herald the start of a successful digital signage story.  A story with room for creativity and where DOBIT, in addition to products, also offers more services.

2020 to …

DOBIT in the year 2022

And that is how DOBIT developed into what it is today. A booming company with a strong technological background and motivated people who share Marc's passion. DOBIT now employs more than 50 enthusiastic workers who are on hand for customers every day. Because only when the picture is complete, and not only our customers are happy, but also our customers' customers, will we rest!


More than 35 years of experience!

We are a warm family business with more than 35 years of experience and passionate colleagues who make the difference by working with you.


Thanks to our technological background, we know exactly what is possible and what is not. We design realistic applications and have the right people in-house to work round any technical challenge.


Creative, inventive and innovative - we go one step further with technology. An extremely innovative team, enthusiastic designers and colleagues who collaborate easily and who strive for innovative digital signage applications to achieve maximum impact!


Our customers and employees should feel good about themselves. We therefore think open communication in which everything is negotiable is extremely important. Has something gone amiss? Let us know!


Everything starts with reliable, quality products and a service you can count on. As a result of our cooperation with great partners, we guarantee the best quality in terms of service and technology!

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