Screen experience

Digital signage and interactive screen communication

We design and develop technological innovations for the digital shopping experience and corporate screen communication. With a passion for technology, an eye for detail, and a creative touch, we look at how you can get an experience boost from digital signage and technology in your shop or company.

Digital customer counter

For a corona-proof door policy

The digital customer counter is a fully automated way to monitor the number of people in your shop.

Smart sensors register the number of incoming and outgoing customers so you always have a real-time overview of the number of visitors in your shop. Based on this data, a digital screen at the entrance of your shop displays a customised message to the waiting customer.


Be inspired


We are a warm family business with more than 35 years of experience and passionate colleagues who make the difference by working with you.


Thanks to our technological background, we know exactly what is possible and what is not. We design realistic applications and have the right people in-house to work round any technical challenge.


Creative, inventive and innovative - we go one step further with technology. An extremely innovative team, enthusiastic designers and colleagues who collaborate easily and who strive for innovative digital signage applications to achieve maximum impact!

Open culture

Our customers and employees should feel good about themselves. We therefore think open communication in which everything is negotiable is extremely important. Has something gone amiss? Let us know!


Everything starts with reliable, quality products and a service you can count on. As a result of our cooperation with great partners, we guarantee the best quality in terms of service and technology!