Corporate Experience

Your company is the ideal place to immerse employees and visitors in your company culture and to give them an unforgettable experience.

Discover which digital technologies support the visitor and employee journey and how you can boost internal communication here.

Mix & match

Which technology fits best?

The possibilities of digital signage and interactive screen communication are endless.

What counts is finding the application that offers real added value for your company and fits your strategy and corporate identity.

Discover some applications here.

Interactive kiosk

With an interactive kiosk your company immediately gets a modern look and feel. From wayfinding to digital information point, what suits your company best?

Signage & Mobile

Do you reach all employees? By displaying your digital signage messages via an employee app on their mobile phone, you can reach both your desk and non-desk employees!

LED wall

Welcome customers and visitors with an impressive LED Wall and make an unforgettable first impression.

In your meeting room you will surely have a large screen to present. But are you already using this screen optimally? By also using this screen within the Customer and Employee Journey you make the difference.

Digital signage

A large video wall at the entrance or screen communication in the production hall or offices? Thanks to digital signage you have a dynamic, efficient and ecological communication channel at your disposal. Thanks to splashing animations and subtle effects, your message is guaranteed to receive more attention.

Meeting room display

Show at a glance the occupancy of the meeting room or book your meeting via these interactive screens at the entrance of the meeting room. Moreover, always up-to-date thanks to a link to the agenda system!
Corporate experience technology | DOBIT

LED wall

Would you like to make an unforgettable first impression and build a corporate experience that really matters? Then LED is the way to go ;-). With LED, you create impact and immediately give your company appearance that little bit extra.

Build a wall as big as you want, and welcome, inform and entertain employees and visitors with exciting content that really comes into its own.

Digital signage

from screen to video wall

Digital signage lets you communicate dynamically, effectively and efficiently. Screen communication at the entrance, break room, production hall or offices, everyone is informed immediately.

True, digital signage is not new, but you can be innovative in the way you “loop” your messages and content. Have you thought of using a link to your social media channels, the weather or your calendar system? Maybe you could surprise your customer with a personal welcome message on the screen. We are happy to provide you with more inspiring ideas to ensure your digital signage can really make a difference for you.

Signage & mobile

Anytime, anywhere

Combine digital signage with an employee app so you can also reach your non-desk employees, workers and home workers.

With a good Content Management System like Appspace, you can combine the best of both worlds: the message you spread through your screens is also immediately visible in the mobile phone App. Avoid duplication and go for maximum reach ;-).

Interactive kiosks

Interactive digital screens undoubtedly ensure more involvement, interaction and fun. Plus: your employees and visitors can then request themselves the information that is relevant to them at that time.

Think of an interactive screen for employees with company information, safety announcements or instructional videos, and an interactive wayfinding kiosk to guide visitors through.

Meeting room communication

Versatile presentation screen

A large presentation screen is impressive in every meeting room, but do you use this screen optimally?

Welcome visitors, communicate fun company facts, or give tips & tricks about efficient meetings, etc. By making use of the presentation screen as a means of communication while participants are waiting, you can ensure more dynamism while you will undoubtedly score extra points with your visitor.

Room booking and visualisation

Meeting rooms are – together with the entrance hall of your company – the place in which you can make a difference. By setting up interactive screens at the entrance of each meeting room, you can immediately see whether the meeting room is free, you can book the meeting room on an ad-hoc basis, and you can consult the occupancy of the room for that day or week in no time.

Modern, efficient, relevant and dynamic. And thanks to a link to your calendar system, the information is always up-to-date. Sounds good, right?


Video conferencing

Video meetings are totally hot and are the perfect alternative to the 'classic meeting'. Not only do you save time and money, you also increase efficiency and opt for a sustainable solution that is completely future-proof.

Qualitative hardware and a good, stable network are the basics for a professional video conference. From Huddle Room to a large Board Room, are you ready for 'the New Way of Meeting'?


Thanks to our years of experience and passion for digital signage and technology, we are ready to work with you to give your internal communication and the corporate experience a “boost”!


You’re halfway there if you get a good start. Together we draw the employee journey to determine where technology really adds value.

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Our front- and back-end developers create the right links and develop cards that fully match your corporate identity.

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Our DOBIT vans run across the entire country, and our Field Service Engineers will turn your idea into a beautifully working whole. 

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Our creative content designers enjoy creating fun layouts and videos that you can share not only on your screens, but across all your channels.

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We will remain at your service even after installation. You can count on us for maintenance or repairs, and our helpdesk is always ready to solve any technical problem as quickly as possible.

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During our hands-on training you will get to know the functionalities of the Content Management System completely and you will learn how to create, share and manage a message yourself.

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