Retail Experience

A physical store is the place where you can reinforce your brand identity and give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Discover which digital technologies fit in perfectly with your store concept here.

Mix & match

Which technology fits best?

The possibilities of digital signage and interactive screen communication are endless.

What counts is finding the application that offers real added value for your store and fits your target group and brand identity.

Discover some applications here.

LED wall

An imposing LED wall immediately attracts the attention of passers-by. Possible in all shapes and sizes, just as big as you have in mind.

Instore webshop

With an instore webshop you unite the best of 'online' in your physical store. Thanks to this interactive kiosk, the full range is available in your store. Something out of stock? Order it right away!


An optimal shopping experience goes hand in hand with choosing the right music! Sound is a tremendously powerful path to our emotions and has a direct impact on your customer's buying behaviour. Reason enough to pay sufficient attention to this as well.

Smart mirror

An interactive screen and fitting mirror in one? Focus on a relevant customer experience and make the difference for your customer and employee.

Digital product advice

An interactive screen is perfect to give the customer advice on your products without having an expert in the shop at all times.

VIP fitting room

Make the pass moment a party with the VIP Fitting Room. Combine different digital technologies and get an unforgettable customer experience. From Smart Fitting Mirror to light, scent and sound. In short: stimulate all senses!

Digital signage

A large video wall behind your cash register or screens in specific departments? Thanks to digital signage you have a dynamic, efficient and ecological communication channel at your disposal. And with splashing animations and subtle effects, your message is guaranteed to receive more attention.
Retail experience technology | DOBIT

LED wall


With LED you can really go “all the way”. LED panels allow you to build an LED wall as large as you can imagine. By paying extra attention to beautiful layouts and exciting content, you can have a guaranteed impact.

Digital signage

A picture is worth a thousand words. Furthermore, a video says more than a thousand photos. This is the reason your store concept cannot miss out on digital signage.

By installing digital signage, you can dynamically communicate using photos and exciting animations that immediately attract attention, as well as videos that not only set the right mood, but also strengthen your brand and identity. Communication with impact – you can check that off the list.


Data-driven personalisation

Okay, digital signage is not new, but you can be innovative in the way you use digital screen communication. Think of the integration of light, sound and scent, or tailor your message to the customer currently standing before the screen (young, old, man, woman, etc.).

Also possible: adjust your communication based on the weather, the time of day or other big data you may have. In short: thanks to smart links, you can provide hyper-relevant communication to your target group in no time!


Music experience

Make impact with audio

Sound is an enormously powerful route to our emotions and has a direct impact on your customer's buying behaviour.

Choosing the right background music that suits your brand and target group is therefore crucial for an optimal shopping experience. By using audio in a multi-sensory way, for instance by linking it to light or scent, you give your customer a truly unforgettable shopping experience.

In-store webshop

From "no-sale" to "more-sale"

With an in-store webshop, you can unite the best of online and offline selling, and you have an extremely powerful tool for both your sales staff and your customer. An interactive screen gives access to your entire range, regardless of shop size ;-).

You can use the kiosk to order an item that is either not in stock, or not available in the right size or colour, and have it delivered to the customer in the store or at home. In short: the in-store webshop supports the sales process and fits in seamlessly with the ease of use that your customer experiences online today.

Digital product advice

From a stressful choice into an enjoyable choice experience

An interactive product guide helps your customer immediately find the right product based on his or her preferences.

Thanks to an intuitive application, you bring the luxury of online “filters” into your physical store. And, by using light and sound smartly, or by using personalised videos, you can easily transform a stressful choice into an enjoyable choice experience.

Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror is the ideal assistant for the store employee, and at the same time, it offers a customer-relevant experience. Thanks to smart links, RFID and integration with the webshop, this mirror screen is the perfect tool to support the sales process.

Suggestions for combination items, alternatives in the same style, or insight into the store stock: the Smart Mirror ensures the seller is spared from sprinting around the store, meaning the focus is 100% with the customer!

VIP Fitting Room

How do you turn the sales opportunity into a party? The VIP Fitting Room is an extra asset for an unforgettable Customer Journey. From a personal welcome to relevant advice based on purchase history, the focus is on your customer, and your store has one more eye-catcher!


Thanks to our years of experience and passion for  digital signage and technology, we are ready to work with you to give your internal communication and the corporate experience a “boost”.


You’re halfway there if you get a good start. Based on your store concept and purpose, we like to think along with you about how digital technology enhances the in-store experience.

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Interactivity is a must. Front and back-end developers are therefore indispensable at DOBIT. They develop intuitive applications to interact with your audience and that fit your store concept and purpose.

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Our DOBIT vans run across the entire country, and our Field Service Engineers will turn your idea into a beautifully working whole.

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Our creative content designers enjoy creating fun layouts and videos that you can share not only on your screens, but across all your channels.

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We will remain at your service even after installation. You can count on us for maintenance or repairs, and our helpdesk is always ready to solve any technical problem as quickly as possible.

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During our hands-on training you will get to know the functionalities of the Content Management System completely and you will learn how to create, share and manage a message yourself.

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