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3 tips for an eye-catching LED wall

More and more retailers and companies are finding their way to an LED wall and betting on this dynamic communication channel. LED is certainly not new, but there are a number of ways in which you can make a difference today.

TIP 1: Think things through before starting

Do you have a brand new shop concept or commercial building in mind, and is an LED wall an integral part of this? Fantastic! By thinking about the objective of your LED wall, its location, composition and the messages you want to show on it during the concept phase, you will come up with an overall concept in which your LED wall is nicely integrated into the whole and really contributes to the intended goal.


You should take many things into account when choosing the right LED wall:

  • environmental factors
  • the location
  • viewing distance
  • the content you want to show

All these things have an impact on which LED wall is best suited for your project.


By taking all these factors into account, you’ll find the LED screen with the best price/performance ratio. The advice of an expert is certainly not a superfluous luxury ;-).


A smaller pixel pitch, for example, is more expensive, but it doesn’t always offer added value. The recommended pixel pitch for an LED screen in a fashion store differs from the recommended pixel pitch for an LED wall hanging 12 metres high on a façade.


TIP 2: Precise installation


A properly executed installation is a must and requires a lot of know-how and time. The LED panels must match up nicely with each other so that the various modules form one beautiful whole. The only way to achieve the desired wow factor and guarantee that the content comes into its own is with a high-quality installation.

LED installation

A properly performed colour calibration is also very important, both after installation and after replacing one or more cabinets


TIP 3: Content is King


With an LED wall, you choose a sublime colour contrast and impressive image quality. It would be a shame not to make full use of the possibilities of your LED wall. The slogan ‘content is king’ is more appropriate than ever when it comes to LED walls.


Play with 3D


Who isn’t familiar with the examples of impressive LED walls that create the illusion of a cavity in a building? These videos by Anamorphic Illusions have gone viral and show that so much more is possible with LED. By thinking creatively about surprising animations, you are sure to gain an eye-catcher.


Our content developers also got to work on 3D content and created this fun logo animation for City2:

Interaction? Yes, please!


By adding interactivity, you immediately grab the attention of your customers or visitors. Examples include a motion sensor that detects if someone is standing in front of the screen and plays customised content based on this, the integration of a live stream where you see yourself on the LED screen, or a link with a ‘dynamometer’ to simulate a fairground attraction. The options are endless!


Curious about the possibilities? In the video below, we compiled some must-see LED realisations to inspire you:

More information about LED?

In order to get you fully acquainted with the world of LED, we have compiled our knowledge in a LED whitepaper.

Not only will this whitepaper give you inspiration about the possibilities for your shop or company, you’ll also find out which technical facets you definitely should not overlook when choosing the right LED wall.

Download the LED white paper here!

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