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How to choose the right LED wall?

Do you also want to create an unforgettable experience with your LED wall, but are you unsure which LED screen lends itself best to your shop or business? In this blog, we will discuss two crucial factors to consider when choosing your LED wall: viewing distance and location.

1. Location

The location is a first important factor that gets you started in selecting the right LED wall. We distinguish three locations for your LED screen: indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor.


Indoor LED screens are installed indoors and are therefore not necessarily weatherproof. Because there is often a shorter viewing distance, a smaller Pixel Pitch is possible. Since the screens are indoors, the brightness can be reduced a little.


A semi-outdoor LED screen is placed behind an outward-facing window. It’s a real eye-catcher for passers-by. Like indoor LED screens, these screens are not weatherproof. Because a semi-outdoor LED screen has to deal with incident sunlight, higher brightness is recommended to maintain good image quality even with sunlight.

semi-outdoor LED requirements


Outdoor LED screens are installed outdoors and are weatherproof. The viewing distance is usually a little longer, which allows for a larger Pixel Pitch. Higher brightness is essential to maintain excellent image quality even on a sunny day.

Outdoor LED wall requirements

Do you want a sustainable outdoor LED solution? We always recommend opting for the 'gold wired' LED technology. Unlike copper wired, it is not susceptible to corrosion, which means these LED walls last significantly longer!

2. Viewing distance

The viewing distance is a second important factor to take into account when choosing the right LED wall. The viewing distance is the distance from the eye to the screen. In order to choose the right pixel pitch, it is best to consider the 'optimal viewing distance'. This is the minimum distance you must stand from the screen to no longer perceive the pixels as ‘individual dots’. The optimal viewing distance is the distance at which the content looks best.

The table below provides a guide to choosing the right Pixel Pitch, taking the viewing distance into account:

While the table above provides a good 'first indication' for choosing the right pixel pitch, there are many other factors that are best considered when choosing the pixel pitch for your project! These include the size of the LED wall and the content that will run on it.

Do you need advice on choosing the right LED wall for your application? Our LED experts will be happy to help. Contact us at!

More information about LED?

In order to get you fully acquainted with the world of LED, we have compiled our knowledge in a LED whitepaper.

Not only will this whitepaper give you inspiration about the possibilities for your shop or company, you’ll also find out which technical facets you definitely should not overlook when choosing the right LED wall.

Download the LED white paper here!

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