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How to integrate social media in your digital signage?

Companies rightly devote a great deal of time and attention to the social media. Creating an attractive content is one of the most important challenges in this respect. When you integrate this context in your digital media, you double the return on these efforts. There are particularly handy tools for integrating social media in your digital signature, where everything is presented through an attractive layout and you can moderate easily message by message.

Social media have grown into the most important marketing channels of companies in just a few years. The advance of the smartphone has made millenials in particular almost constantly accessible via the social media.

Own employees

Companies use the social media not only in order to reach (potential) customers – their own employees constitute an important target group also. By engaging with your own employees through the social media, they get more involved in the company, and the community feeling grows. Employees thus emerge as real ambassadors. Depending on your corporate culture, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Workplace or Webex have grown into the most relevant social media platforms.

Reuse recent content

A smart combination of your social media channels with digital signage will enable you to use the existing recent content. The social media messages appear at once in the course of your digital signage screens, without any extra effort. When you include these social media messages in your content loop, you secure a varied mix of fun and information! In our blog entitled ‘5 tips for a varied content loop’ we gave you inspiration about which messages you can spread even more via digital signage ;-).

Corporate and retail alike

The reuse of social media messages for digital signage not only ensures a corporate environment for the optimization of the employee and visitor journey, but also offers a great deal of added value. Consider a large social wall in your shop, for instance.

Curious as to how you can link your social media to your digital signage through a simple combination? Contact me via or 014 285 781, and I will be glad to come and explain.

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