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Six reasons for choosing LED

Digital signage is no longer rocket science. Yet you can still make a difference with screen communication while also creating an incredible impact on your target group! From an atypical LED wall in the entrance hall of your company to an impressive LED wall behind the cash desk in your shop, with LED, you give the customer experience and brand identity a boost in no time!

Wondering why LED is 'the way to go' for your retail shop or company? In this blog, we outline six benefits of LED technology.

1. No edges

A LED wall is made up of several LED panels, which in turn are made up of pixels. These pixels extend to the edge of the panel, allowing you to connect two LED panels seamlessly. In short: when installed properly, the various LED panels form one beautiful whole without any visible screen edges. This can only benefit your content.

2. Excellent image quality

The pixels on the LED panel light up in a particular colour; together, they form the requested image. The pixel does not light up for black, which means that black really is black. As a result, the contrast of an LED panel is visibly better, and all colours are exceptionally vivid and bright.

3. Modular

LED panels are modular. In other words, you choose the size and composition of your LED set-up. This flexibility gives you a huge number of options for putting together an LED wall that suits your shop or company perfectly in terms of size and shape.

4. Long-lasting

LED screens have a long service life: they last up to 100,000 hours. This is twice as long as an LCD screen, which on average lasts 50,000 hours. The investment pays off in the long run, and you reduce your ecological footprint at the same time.

5. Affordable

Even though an LED wall was a niche product until a few years ago, this technology is now affordable. Thanks to ever-increasing demand, rising production volumes and more efficient production, the price of an LED wall has fallen significantly. In other words, LED is no longer ‘beyond my reach’!

6. Creative

LED gives you enormous creative freedom. Not only are LED cabinets modular, allowing you to choose the size and shape of your LED wall, but LED also offers you the possibility of creating a curved set-up. The only limit is your imagination!

More information about LED?

In order to get you fully acquainted with the world of LED, we have compiled our knowledge in a LED whitepaper.

Not only will this whitepaper give you inspiration about the possibilities for your shop or company, you’ll also find out which technical facets you definitely should not overlook when choosing the right LED wall.

Download the LED white paper here!

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