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The power of storytelling in your internal communication and digital signage

More and more companies are investing in a well thought out internal communication strategy. Genuine communication campaigns are being launched where a broad range of visual and content messages are disseminated. Fine examples include the campaigns on “Safety at Work,’ “Mobility” or “Ecology.”

Storytelling in internal communication
A campaign where employees attest enthusiastically to their personal motivation to come to work by bike – storytelling, in other words – has a greater impact than a campaign that works exclusively with facts or finger wagging. You must certainly search for these personal stories in your organization to give your campaign more impact.

The power of digital signage
A communication campaign uses several channels by definition so that you can reach your employees with a maximum number of touchpoints. For an internal campaign, we are thinking for instance at posters, the intranet, internal mailings, the company magazine and digital signage.

A picture still paints a thousand words. Screen communication is therefore ideal when it comes to storytelling. You can use photos, videos and animations to tell a compelling story that is guaranteed to capture the attention of your employees.

A great example of corporate storytelling is following video of the whiskey brand Johnnie Walker: The man who walked around the world.

The advantages of avatars
Animations with an avatar are becoming more and more popular in this respect. You can use avatars (virtual animation figures) as common thread through your campaign. The use of avatars provides all sorts of advantages. A nice and creative figure is always appealing. You can have them convey certain messages very directly, supported by creative animation.

By comparison with professional videos, in the case of an avatar you have full control over the end results and unforeseeable circumstances (such as a heavy rainfall on the day of the shoot) will not throw a spanner in the works. It is often cheaper and faster to produce – by a specialized graphical partner, naturally ;-).

If you want to find out more about the possibilities of digital signage for internal communication or the use of avatars, do not hesitate to contact the DOBIT content team. They will be very glad to share their experience!

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