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Why an Infographic animation is ideal!

There are so many ways to tell your message, but what works best? Discover the advantages of an infographic!


Do you want to explain a production process, put a merger in perspective or unveil a product? An Infographic solution is a gift from heaven for these and other purposes, as you can use such an animation to get a complex message across in an understandable manner.

Perry accordingly launched its new co-workers app early this year. We produced the Infographic animation below to communicate this and to clarify how it works for all employees. You get all the information, visually and clearly, in a very short time:

Watch the video:










An Infographic animation will spare you lengthy production preparation and far more: there are no jammers to throw a spanner in the works unexpectedly. The weather, poor incidence of light, speakers who cannot find their words… all such external factors have no influence on the result, deadline or your budget!

A motion graphic designer will work out a nice storyline together with you and then turn it into a fluid animation. Result: an Infographic animation that tells exactly what you had in mind and does so perfectly within your house style. Check!


In addition to being clear and practical, an Infographic animation is also nice to look at. You have a great deal of creative freedom and can keep the animation fully within your house style! The chance that your target group will see and retain your message is enhanced many times over. Images speak louder than words. Now there’s a slogan no one can refute!

We launched the Infographic below to draw attention to the meeting culture among our colleagues and visitors. What was previously a summary of figures (yawn), became a story that you will secretly want to watch to the very end:










Convinced that you need an Infographic animation? Tell us about it, by all means! Not convinced but looking for something else that’s moving? No problem: you can call on us for motion graphics, video productions and animated designs as well!

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