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Efficient meetings

Oleon chooses uniform meeting rooms

Oleon has been using digital screen communication to keep its employees up to date and involved for many years now. With its new meeting rooms, Oleon has been smart in the way it has responded to the needs of the New Way of Working and is promoting co-operation between its numerous various sites.

Meeting rooms

Uniform and user-friendly

Oleon, the European market leader in Oleochemicals, offers modern meeting rooms with a user-friendly and uniform system at its core.


“We are an international company working from a number of different sites, which makes videoconferencing a very common form of communication for us to quickly coordinate certain issues,” says Wouter Tijtgat, IT Technical Engineer at Oleon. “In addition, we also have a large number of employees who occasionally work from home. We are therefore heavily reliant on a stable videoconferencing tool. We weighed up the various systems on offer, and Logitech immediately stood out in our opinion. After some test set-ups DOBIT installed more than 40 meeting rooms based around Logitech equipment.”

We were looking for one user-friendly system for all our meeting rooms in order to improve the ease of use for our employees. We compared various systems, and in our opinion Logitech immediately stood out.

Wouter Tijtgat

IT Technical Engineer

Smooth adaptation by employees

Quickly up-and-running

"The adaptation of the system by our employees was surprisingly rapid”, says Wouter Tijtgat. “We originally wanted to set up a training course, but we only needed a single page of instructions for them to get to know the system."


“We are all very satisfied with the installation as well. There were a few hiccups at the beginning of the project, but DOBIT's dedication meant they were quickly resolved, and we now have a stable system. We greatly appreciate the commitment and effort DOBIT showed during the installation.

DOBIT's commitment meant the few hiccups we suffered during the installation were quickly resolved, and we now have a stable system.

Wouter Tijtgat

IT Technical Engineer
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