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Technology for a deeper experience

Van de Velde launches multi-sensory experience

With their new Lincherie store in Amsterdam, lingerie group Van de Velde have put forth their vision for a shopping experience to stimulate the senses. Reflecting the brand’s identity down to the smallest detail, the store not only radiates in terms of interior design, but also in its incorporation of digital technology, contributing towards creating a complete multi-sensory shopping experience.

Integration of sights, sounds and smells

A multi-sensory shopping experience

The new Lincherie store – from parent company Van de Velde – has been given a whole new look and feel. Pink walls, marble flooring, messing accents, subtle LED lighting, and so much more... The new boutique sets the right tone right from the off, immersing customers in Lincherie’s unique brand identity.


‘With this new concept, we want to make lingerie shopping more fun, taking our customers out of the everyday rat race for a little while’, explains Yan Aerts, International Retail Director at Van de Velde. By combining the right scents, carefully chosen background music, custom lighting and the right visuals, Van de Velde is offering a complete multi-sensory experience to fully match the retailer’s unique brand identity.

Customisable moods

Atmospheric fittings

The fitting rooms are without doubt the main event. Yan Aerts: ‘We can't talk about this store without mentioning our famous 3D scanning mirror. The 3D scanner is neatly incorporated behind the back of the mirror, taking 140 readings of the upper body in less than a minute and providing customers with accurate bra size measurements.’


In addition, customers also have a choice of four different moods, each one adapting to the right colour temperature. ‘Our fitting rooms get a lot of rave reviews’, comments Yan Aerts. But it's not just the 3D scanner that catches the eye – the overall lighting in each fitting room also makes a difference. ‘By using LED strips in every corner from top to bottom, we achieve good, even lighting of the entire body, giving our customers a good idea of how each item will look on them.’

For the realisation and implementation of this multi-sensory shopping experience, Van de Velde went in search of a partner who could provide a total solution. In this search, we ended up with DOBIT, which provided the best possible solution. The current realisation and outcome is the result of an intensive partnership with mutual trust.

Yan Aerts

International Retail Director

Pooling of knowledge

Specialised partners

Van de Velde relied on the expertise of various parties, pooling their knowledge to bring their vision to light. ‘For the realisation of our new shop concept, we were looking for a partner who could provide a total solution. That's how we ended up at DOBIT, which ensured that our plans and wishes were met in the best possible way', explains Yan Aerts.


‘During our talks, it quickly became clear that LED walls were not necessarily the best choice for the type of content we wanted to display. Through working with DOBIT, exchanging ideas and listening to their expertise, we came to the conclusion, for example, that high-bright 75” Full HD screens were much better suited to the purpose, while also proving more budget-friendly. In order to provide the best possible digital solutions, DOBIT always put our objectives first. This is to their credit, giving us 100% confidence in everything they do.’

As well as the fragrance in our stores being chosen with great care, the playlist is also perfectly in tune with our brand identity. The sound profile is fully in line with our values. What’s more, Xenox’s audio platform allows us to customise the playlist for each store location. This allows us to tailor the experience even more to the customer, as well as to any specific local preferences.

Yan Aerts

International Retail Director
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