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MicroLED: the holy grail in terms of image quality

The search for new and better screen technology never stops. And while 'classic' LED technology already guarantees exceptional picture quality and sublime contrast, companies like Samsung have been working for some time on the next step: microLED.


Due to its complex manufacturing process, microLED was very pricey until a few years ago. Today, it’s an affordable technology with many advantages. In this blog, you’ll learn all about the functioning and advantages of microLED. We’ll also discuss the differences between SMD and microLED.


Different LED technologies under review


We distinguish between three different LED technologies: DIP, SMD and microLED.

Types of LED technology

In DIP LED technology, one pixel is composed of three individual LEDs (RGB), each of which is mounted separately on a module and thus forms one pixel. This technology is mainly used for Outdoor LED walls and for a pixel pitch of 16 mm or more.


SMD LED (Surface Mounted Device) is a technology in which one 'pixel package' is mounted on a module. Internally, this 'pixel package' consists of three individual LEDs (RGB). This is the technology most frequently used today for indoor LED walls, where the pixel pitch is between 1.2 mm and 4 mm.


With microLED (also known as COB or Chip On Board), the individual LEDs are mounted directly on the substrate (PCB or Printed Circuit Board). This method allows the pixels to be mounted much closer together. Consequently, a much smaller pixel pitch is possible, up to as much as 0.6 mm! This technology also involves less heat dissipation and lower power consumption for the same brightness.


What are the advantages of microLED?


MicroLED distinguishes itself not only because the pixels can be mounted even closer together, allowing for a particularly small pixel pitch, but also because the viewing angle is better than traditional LED technology. Because the LEDs are smaller, the viewing angle is many times better:

Viewing Angle SMD LED and MicroLED

With its in-house developed 'Black Seal Technology', Samsung has another distinguishing factor in reserve.


The 'Black Seal Technology' is a special coating that protects the individual pixels on the circuit board. This coating not only provides protection, but thanks to its matt finish, it also ensures that the reflection of external light does not affect the picture quality.


Samsung MicroLED has some additional advantages thanks to this 'Black Seal Technology':


  • The pixels are better protected from touch as they are shielded by the coating.
  • The LED Wall can be cleaned with a damp cloth without risk of damage.
  • The perfect black provides exceptional contrast, making colours really splash off the screen.


Samsung MicroLED: The Wall


Samsung is a pioneer in terms of microLED developments. It has been working hard in recent years to improve and simplify the production process. 'The Wall' by Samsung is currently the top of the range and available in two versions:


  1. The Wall All-in-One: this is a microLED screen in a standard 16:9 configuration made up of large panels. This All-in-One microLED solution is available in three versions: 146" UHD, 146" Full HD and 110" Full HD. Since it is an All-in-One solution, these LED walls are quicker to install.
  2. The Wall Custom cabinets: this microLED wall is made up of smaller cabinets, which allows for custom configurations and atypical sizes. The size of the LED wall is determined by the number of rows and columns on the cabinets.

    At Waasland Shopping in Sint-Niklaas, you can admire 'The Wall' with your own eyes. The shopping centre boasts a microLED wall of over 16 m2, offering shoppers an unforgettable experience.


How to choose the right LED wall?


Choosing the right LED wall involves a lot of factors. The viewing distance and location are not the only important factors; the objective and the messages you want to communicate also influence the most suitable LED wall for your application.


Are you curious about the possibilities and would you like to know which LED wall is best for you? Our LED experts will be happy to help you. Contact us at info@dobit.com!


Want more information about LED?


To guide you through the world of LED, we have compiled our knowledge in a LED whitepaper.


Not only will this whitepaper provide you with inspiration about the possibilities for your shop or company, you’ll also find out which technical facets you definitely should not overlook when choosing the right LED wall.


Download the LED whitepaper here!

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