Innovative LED wall brightens up Waasland Shopping

Exceptional experience thanks to razor-sharp image and sublime colour contrast

Waasland Shopping reinforces its slogan ‘More than ever worth a visit’ by unveiling the microLED wall par excellence. This impressive LED wall, measuring no less than 7 by 2 metres with exceptionally sharp image quality, offers Waasland shoppers an unforgettable experience.

The aquarium makes way for LED

Focusing on the total experience

Anyone who has visited Waasland Shopping in Sint-Niklaas is bound to remember the iconic aquarium. “The aquarium required a lot of maintenance and needed to be refurbished,” said Vincent Hermans, Shopping Manager of Waasland Shopping. “We wanted to get more out of this location and looked for a worthy alternative.


The LED wall, which measures over 16 square metres, weighs 504 kg and has an extremely small pixel pitch of 1.26 mm, immerses customers in a complete image and sound experience. We offer them a unique experience, one they won’t soon forget!”

The LED wall surprises our shoppers with immersive experiences with unparalleled picture quality and accompanying sound effects. We can completely immerse shoppers in a total experience that captures their imagination.

Vincent Hermans

Shopping Manager Waasland Shopping

3D animation and interactivity

Content is King

The aim of the screen is twofold: “On the one hand, we want to highlight events and promotions with fun videos and animations. On the other hand, we want to innovate in terms of shopping experience and offer our customers an unforgettable experience,” says Vincent.


The slogan ‘Content is king’ is more relevant than ever: “By investing in 3D content, anamorphic illusions and interactivity, we want to make a difference in Waasland,” says Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist at DOBIT. “This might include the illusion of something flying forward or stepping out of the screen, or an interactive game where the shopper decides what is displayed on the LED screen. The possibilities are endless, and we hope to really amaze shoppers this year!”

Razor-sharp and robust

The Wall: microLEDs

Waasland Shopping didn’t simply choose a basic LED wall. Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ is the sharpest LED screen ever seen in a shopping centre in the Benelux. “Since the LED wall hangs at eye level and the viewing distance is often less than 2 metres, a small pixel pitch was a must,” says Tomas De Fré, Solutions Manager at DOBIT.  “The screen also had to be able to withstand rough handling as shoppers can touch it.”


The microLED technology of ‘The Wall’ meets both requirements: “The pixels are mounted directly on the circuit board. This allows the pixels to be placed even closer together, making the resolution of the screen many times higher than a traditional LED screen. And, thanks to the ‘Black Seal’ technology, The Wall is protected by a coating that makes it more robust. It won’t break when touched by passers-by.”

Seamless transition between cabinets

Flawless installation

The success of The Wall primarily depends on a top-quality installation, which is challenging. “The LED cabinets must fit together nicely so that no black border is visible. A well-executed colour calibration is also essential,” says Sander Belmans, Project Manager at DOBIT. “Thanks to good preparation and the right know-how, our team completed the installation in seven working days. That’s a result we can be proud of!”


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