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The importance of office branding and the influence it can have on your company

Branding matters. Good office branding can ensure satisfied and committed employees, as well as radiate the right values to your (potential) customers. This blog contains information about the importance of good office branding and tips on how to use technology smartly to strengthen your corporate culture.


What is the impact of good office branding and why is it so important?


You probably already know about a few Great Place to Work® workplaces that make you think: this image is correct. The companies featured obviously pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their office, and they ensure their office branding is fully aligned with their brand identity. And the latter is much more important than ever. Translating your brand identity into the design of your business space will ensure employees and (potential) customers immediately know what your company stands for and how you distinguish yourself from the competition.


In other words: the physical branding of your business location helps employees and (potential) customers better understand what your company stands for. And office branding contributes to the “feeling” experienced by employees, customers and visitors to your company. So, it’s quite important, actually ;-).


In addition, employees can feel pride in being part of an inspiring environment. It helps stoke loyalty and encourages them to speak highly of their workplace. And good office branding not only makes a difference for your employees, it also makes attracting and recruiting new staff a lot easier. The infamous millennials or Gen Zers all prefer to work in a unique, inspiring and meaningful workplace.

Digital screen communication as part of office branding


Digital signage or digital screen communication is a cost-effective tool for shaping your office branding and extending it into your internal communications. Smart use of this technology means you dynamically communicate your company values to employees and visitors, fully immersing your customers in your company culture. The big advantage of this technology is that it is very visual, dynamic and completely on brand.


Would you like to know more about the benefits of digital signage and how you can make smart use of this dynamic technology to take your office branding to the next level? Allow us to offer a little inspiration:


1. Make a good first impression


You only get one chance to make a (good) first impression. So make sure it’s spot on. An impressive reception area is already a good start. This may include an inspiring welcome screen with a personal welcome message for visitors, for example. An imposing LED wall in your lobby will undoubtedly also provide an unforgettable first impression.

2. Make use of all the touchpoints in the visitor, customer and employee journey


Your customers, visitors and employees go on an entire journey through your company. By making use of every touchpoint, you can make the difference today. Set up digital wayfinding (aligned with your branding), place a screen with inspiring content about your values and standards in waiting areas, and use the presentation screen in the meeting room to communicate certain messages.


The image below shows what an employee journey can look like:

Employee journey DOBIT

Such a journey forms the basis for the thought process used to set up the digital communication in your company building. Based on a journey such as this, we are happy to see where digital communication can add value ;-).


3. Strengthen internal communication with your employees


Finally, digital screen communication is a great way to strengthen your internal communication with employees. Placing a screen in every department within your company will ensure everyone is aware of the ins and outs of your organisation in no time. Moreover, by making the information available to employees through an employee app on mobile phones, you can reach everyone anytime, anywhere.


In short, this excellent internal communication will help you increase everyone’s involvement, resulting in improved engagement. And this is completely in line with your office branding as well, of course.

How can you set up your office branding?


Convinced of the usefulness of good office branding, but are wondering how to get started? Why not engage an expert? There’s a big difference between making office space visually attractive and offering a truly authentic expression of your values via office branding. You will only make a difference if your office concept is completely in line with your corporate identity.


We employ Wave of Engagement as a foundation for your corporate identity and see how it translates into an authentic office concept. We will carry out brainstorming sessions, conduct plenty of interviews with employees, ask about strategic issues, and hold an inspiration session to arrive at a clear and well-thought-out concept to allow your company to call itself a “Great Place to Work” in no time.


Office branding: a must for your organisation


Would you like to know how we can help you? Submit your query via and take the first step towards a unique business experience and a better employee experience.


We look forward to talking to you about your office branding!

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