PZ carma DOBIT internal communication with Appspace

PZ Carma relies on digital signage

Involved and also up-to-date thanks to screen communication

An involved employee is very valuable and PZ Carma understands this very well. Now, using digital screens, the police zone is keeping everyone up to date, and doing so dynamically and efficiently. As well as giving internal communication a ‘boost’, the screens also add a modern touch to the offices.

Modern, dynamic and efficient

PZ Carma boosts internal communication

With 440 employees and 180,000 citizens to take care of, PZ Carma is one of the largest police zones in Flanders. “We were looking for a way to communicate our messages easily and dynamically to our employees”, says Inge Vandebeek, as strategy and policy director at PZ Carma. “We soon realised that digital signage was the perfect platform to support our internal communication. Following a tender, DOBIT emerged as the strongest partner and the project began. DOBIT installed a total of 19 screens across our three locations: Genk, Bree and Houthalen-Helchteren.”

Installation and training

Efficient start

“The installation went smoothly and the enthusiasm shown by the DOBIT engineer installing the screens was highly infectious”, says Inge. “After the installation we went to DOBIT for training, in order to discover all the ins and outs of Appspace. Here too we received a warm welcome and they really took the time to answer all of our questions.”


PZ Carma personally manages all of its internal communication. “After the training we set to work ourselves and made various templates in our corporate style. The platform is really user friendly. Even without a lot of graphical expertise you can still share attractive messages that are entirely ‘on brand’. Using the templates, sharing a message is a doddle. An urgent message? You’ll see it on every screen within two minutes.”

The platform is so easy to use. Even without much graphical knowledge you can still create lovely messages that are also completely ‘on brand’.


Inge Vandebeek

Strategy and policy director


Content mix

PZ Carma issues a varied content mix, ranging from important updates to internal staff activities or handy tips “We have various sections, such as ‘Carma Lifestyle’ in which we share e.g., recipes or ‘Carma in numbers’ where we show the highlights from the annual report, for example. We also use the screen communication to put greater emphasis on our internal campaigns. For example, at the moment we are running a ‘challenge’ to encourage our employees to get more exercise. The more they exercise, the more ‘Fitcoins’ they collect, allowing them to earn a whole year of free coffee. We can see that a varied mix increases the involvement and that people really pay attention to the communication on the screens.”

The installation went smoothly and the DOBIT engineer’s enthusiasm was highly infectious”, says Inge. During the training we also received a warm welcome and they really took the time to answer all of our questions.



Inge Vandebeek

Strategy and policy director
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