Are you now convinced digital is “the way to go”, but are not sure how to get started? Are you looking for a technological innovation that fits with your store concept or company perfectly?

We would be happy to guide you and give you tips and advice to achieve a digital set-up that fits with your target group and objectives perfectly.

Return On Message

A proven approach


First we get to know your retail concept or business strategy better. Based on workshops, interviews, technical meetings and a site visit, we map out the current situation, work out the customer, employee or visitor journey, and then define challenging but realistic objectives with you.


Using this information, we develop a digital strategy and come up with some innovative concepts that we will present to all involved.


After the thinking and getting a “go” from you, we work out the selected digital concepts in detail and ensure that everything comes together nicely: from hardware to application and content.


Knowledge is power. After the implementation, we closely follow the results. Using customer surveys and click results from Google Analytics, we evaluate the success of the concept and see whether any adjustments may be needed to achieve the initial objectives or, even better, surpass them ;-).

Our pillars

> 30 years’ experience

With more than 30 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Based on our experiences and findings from other projects, we can provide appropriate advice and formulate do’s and don’ts.

Technical knowledge

We have a lot of technical people with a passion for hardware and software. In addition to having a creative touch, our concepts are immediately realistic. Furthermore, we always take into account existing hardware or software in your shop or company.

Scientifically proven

Thanks to our close cooperation with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Hasselt University, we can fall back on many scientifically-substantiated insights that we are happy to include in our guidance process.

Proven ROM strategy

Our guidance builds further on the proven Return On Message strategy whereby we take various steps to carry out a thorough analysis of the current situation and propose a digital concept that matches the initial objectives perfectly.