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Digital signage strengthens new brand identity

Standaard Boekhandel launches major rebranding

Standaard Boekhandel launches a new look with a revamped logo and corporate identity, and their physical bookshops are also undergoing a metamorphosis. The new flagship store on the Kouter in Ghent marks the start of a major remodel in which digital signage serves as an integral part of the new concept and reinforces the brand identity.

Revamped logo, shops, and corporate identity

Welcoming and accessible

At a whopping 900 m², the new flagship shop in Ghent is immediately the largest branch in Flanders. The new shop is completely in line with Standaard Boekhandel’s brand-new brand identity. The choice of materials and colours evokes a cosy atmosphere, with all the attention going to the books.

“We are completely redesigning several shops, such as the shop in Ghent,” said Guido De Smet, Sales Director of the Standaard Boekhandel. “We’re also planning to slightly remodel around 40 shops. That means modernising the window display, category indication, and brand identity, among other things, and we are integrating digital screens into these shops.”

Screens in shop windows and at checkout

Great partnership

After a thorough selection procedure, concept agency Retail&Offices teamed up with Puur Architecten to give shape to the new shop concept. “While they vouched for the design of the new shops, we looked at how digital communication could bring the concept to life even more,” explained Nele Bruers, CEO of DOBIT.

“We trekked around Antwerp with the team from Standaard Boekhandel to see different digital signage setups and discuss lessons learned.” With the screens in the shop window and at the checkout, Standaard Boekhandel now communicates dynamically and the retailer can highlight the books even more, communicate campaigns, and strengthen the brand identity.

Fresh look for the iconic owl

Dynamic animation

Standaard Boekhandel’s logo with the iconic owl has been a fixture for 40 years. The rebranding gave the owl a fresh look, with the book taking centre stage and the vibrant colours giving the logo a contemporary feel.

Our motion designers went to work with the new logo and created a fun logo animation for more dynamic messaging on the digital screens,” said Nele Bruers. “Standaard Boekhandel’s campaigns are carried through to the digital screens, with our creative team transforming the campaign image into dynamic animation.”

Research showed that a modernisation of shops was necessary to keep in touch with the consumer of the future. For example, Young Adults, the fastest growing readership group, have been given a contemporary space where they can read and browse the book and magazine offerings to their heart’s content. 

Guido De Smet

Standaard Boekhandel Sales Director
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