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Boost the shopping experience with the right in-store music

Music is and remains an enormously powerful avenue to our emotions.
Music doesn't only create an atmosphere; it also has a direct impact on how we feel and behave.
All the more reason for retailers to pay this enough attention.


TunIT audio solution

The ultimate music mix and optimal sound quality

The focus is on your brand identity, image and target group because this forms the basis of your unique musical profile. Together we determine your musical profile and put together the ideal playlist that completely meets the expectations of your clientele.

Flexibility is key! Are you looking for the same atmosphere in all your stores or a customised music selection per location? Do you want to add informative audio messages or upload a Spotify playlist? You can manage the music at all your locations remotely with just a few clicks.

With our TunIt audio solution, you can be sure that the right music is playing and that it sounds great thanks to our Biamp speakers.

Audio & digital signage

Level up!

It's not only the right background music that makes a difference; by deploying music - or audio in general - multisensorially you give store visits that little bit extra.

Clients enter our VIP Fitting Room and choose their atmosphere with the help of a smart pairing of sound, image and lighting. You can also grab customers' attention with targeted sound in a particular zone in your store or a spoken audio message linked to your digital signage screens.

In short, we will gladly help you figure out how to make the most of the possibilities that audio offers!

These clients already use our products



Veritas wants to inspire customers and stimulate creativity. The stores' design fosters creativity and the digital screen communication perfectly complements the values that the retailer stands for. By also making a conscious choice to play the right music, Veritas creates a total experience that entirely matches its image.


The playlist was drawn up based on a defined musical profile, which arose after a thorough analysis of the Veritas concept and Veritas' clientele. In addition to this playlist, the retailer also communicates promotions via diverse audio messages


Carrefour also uses the TunIT platform to guarantee customers a pleasant visit to the store. Flexibility and locality are key in this respect.

In addition to the overarching musical profile, every franchiser gets the  opportunity to adjust the playlist to location-specific characteristics and customer preferences. Franchisers add their own audio messages so that the local character of the store is not lost.

Carrefour's music is also in keeping with current themes. Examples include 'Christmas' and 'Valentine's Day' when the playlist is automatically rounded out with suitable music without losing sight of the target group and the predetermined musical profile. 

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