VIP Fitting Room

Personal shopping experience

Building a community around your store and brand is what it’s all about nowadays. The physical store is alive and kicking and serving more and more as a meeting point for your customer. A place that has everything to do with the customer experience – where your customer is immersed in your brand culture. The VIP Fitting Room is perfectly in line with this rationale and already constitutes a component of the unforgettable customer experience.

personalized experience

Luxury and exclusivity

"The VIP Fitting Room is building on the membership idea and aspires to give the customer a personalized experience,” says Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist at DOBIT. As a VIP member, you book your fitting room, and a personal welcome message is displayed on the screen on the outside. Check! The fitting room is all yours! As soon as you go in, the interactive mirror welcomes you and you get suggestions at once on the basis of the clothing which you wish to try on at the moment or on the basis of items you purchased previously. You can also adapt the atmosphere according to the mood you prefer for a completely different experience. In brief: a personalized experience without obligation to ensure that your customers will enjoy coming to your store!


Smart opal glass

The ‘smart opal glass’ is a real eye-catcher! The glass is transparent when the fitting room is free. As soon as a customer goes into the fitting room, the glass becomes non-transparent and the customer can try on clothing in complete privacy. At the same time, a projection on the glass outside informs your customers through a nice animation about actions or urges them to become VIP members as well.

Endless possibilities

Personal shopping

The interactive mirror is at the same time an in-store web shop through which you can order immediately items that are not in stock and have them delivered in the store or at your home. If you require assistance from a store employee after all, you can use het interactive screen to contact directly a salesperson who will be delighted to help you so that you don’t have to leave the fitting room. “The VIP fitting room is a fine example of how technology supports the complete Customer Journey. Depending on the store, this concept can be adapted or extended so that it fits perfectly in the big picture,” Nele Bruers concludes.

Want to see more?

Discover our concepts @ Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp

You can admire the VIP fitting room yourself in the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp.
Would you like a tour or are you curious as to how this concept fits in your store? 
Contact us, and we will be glad to delve into the matter together with you ;-).

Innovation team

Concept video

The VIP Fitting Room is the brainchild of the DOBIT innovation team. A number of creative colleagues get together on a regular basis to give shape to new ideas and, as the name clearly announces, to innovative concepts. All talk and no action? Quite the contrary: the best concepts are really developed and given shape in the Stadsfeestzaal in order to inspire you ;-).