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3 indispensable tools for a future-proof meeting room

COVID-19 has turned the business world upside down. The new normal is to work from home and the number of video conferences has grown tremendously. Efficient teamwork from a distance still remains a top priority. But how should companies respond to this new reality and what standards must meeting rooms now achieve?


A good teleconferencing system is certainly one indispensable element in the future-proof meeting room. We’ve also identified two other technologies which we believe are essential.


1. High-quality video conferencing system


COVID-19 caused a huge growth in video conferencing, and companies were suddenly forced to support this new form of collaboration. Now, a few months down the road, many companies are embracing this new way of working and have also realised its advantages: reduction in travel time and costs, increased efficiency and an immediate benefit for the environment. This means that an efficient video conference system is a not only a great investment for now and in the long term.


In my blog ‘how do you ensure the perfect video meeting’ I’ve already included some tips on organising a successful video meeting.


2. Intuitive presentation system


The BYOD mentality rules. Everyone has their own laptop, tablet or smartphone and expects seamless integration with your presentation screen. By selecting a single user-friendly and intuitive presentation system and extending it throughout the organisation, your employees can quickly become familiar with how the system works, efficiency is increased and you encourage interactivity and involvement. With a plug & play system, everyone can immediately set to work and do so without requiring help from the technical department. ;-)

We’re also seeing how the traditional projection screen and beamer are making way for a digital presentation screen. A digital screen allows you to optimise the legibility of your presentation and gives your meeting room a modern appearance. Furthermore, the screen has the additional advantage of allowing dynamic communication to customers, visitors or employees. Find out more in this blog: ‘Make optimal use of the screen in your meeting room’.


3. Digital whiteboard


A traditional flipchart may be charming, but its digital counterpart offers many more benefits. A digital whiteboard (also known as digiboard, smartboard or digital board), like the Samsung Flip, allows you to present your digital document or presentation in an instant, as well as add any comments on the spot. Highlighting, writing, drawing… and then saving your work and sending it through to everyone later, everything’s possible.

With a digital whiteboard you not only make your meeting room more attractive, you also encourage the involvement and creativity of participants during e.g. a brainstorming session.


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