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Internal communication in times of corona: maximise the impact of digital signage

Reaching all your employees, regardless of time or place, has never been more topical than today. In our blog entitled, “involve and engage your employees, regardless of time or place”, you can read how using communication via screens, linked to an employee app, helps you not only reach your office workers and production workers, but also inform home workers in no time.


In this blog, we take it a step further to find out how you can maximise the reach of your digital signage.

Reach everyone digital signage

Maybe you already have screens in your offices and production areas. Perfect! This means you are already convinced of the benefits of this dynamic communication channel. But now working from home is the norm, should internal communication via digital signage be put on the back burner? We are happy to explain why sharing messages via your digital signage platform is still worthwhile, even though many of your employees are working from home.


One message on all your channels


Recently, Appspace launched the publish to web feature. This allows you to distribute your digital signage message through other communication channels that you already use.


As a result, Intranet will continue to be a popular communication channel that is often well used by employees. By making optimal use of this platform and connecting it to your digital signage platform, you not only increase the reach of your message, but ensure unambiguous communication across all your channels at the same time.


More reach without additional workload


The good news is that this entails hardly any additional workload. All that is required is for you to “embed” a URL into platforms such as Sharepoint, Wordpress or Drupal. Once set, your new messages will be displayed on the intranet platform automatically. Seenspire also offers this option, so the latest updates from your social media channels – Facebook, Tweets or LinkedIn, for example – automatically appear on your intranet platform.

Publish to web feature

In short: thanks to this “publish to web” feature, digital communication is not limited to your screens or App. It is even possible to set your digital signage messages as a screen saver for your employees via “URL embedding”. This is an often unused, but surprising communication channel that keeps your employees up to date.


Link with the mobile App


In addition to this “publish to web” feature, an employee app on mobile phones is a very powerful communication channel. The big advantage: your employees have access to the information you are passing on at any time and in any place. From an update regarding COVID-19 safety measures, to a message encouraging a new colleague: employees will remain informed and involved remotely via the App.


More reach without extra workload is also applicable here. The message on your screens is immediately available via mobile phone, and this is fully automated.


Maximum return from the digital signage


Internal communication via digital signage is still worthwhile, even in corona times when working from home is the norm. By integrating digital signage into your entire internal communication strategy and extending it to all your channels, the reach and impact of your communication is as good as it’s ever been.

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