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Screen communication in times of corona: 5 tips

Communicating clearly and transparently is the golden tip during this corona crisis, so that both employees and customers are kept informed and – more importantly – involved in your organisation and your brand.


Digital signage is currently a tremendously powerful channel to reach everyone quickly, efficiently, and dynamically. We’ll give you some tips on how to use your digital signage platform optimally in times of corona and how to make a difference with your message.

1. Don’t lose sight of your visual identity


Social distancing, disinfecting hands, sneezing in your elbow, etc.; the same measures appear everywhere, regardless of whether these are illustrated with a matching icon.


Of course, you have to keep communicating these measures; repetition works and it remains essential that everyone respects these measures. But the ‘danger’ of this recurring message is that employees or customers don’t pay any more attention to it after a while and don’t read your message.


Instead of adopting the measures one by one, you can attract attention by transforming them into your own identity. Use your own icons that match your corporate identity, play with the wording, or translate the 1.5-meter distance into a concrete example that fits your brand.


For example, as a shoe chain, you can express the 1.5 metres in ‘x number of shoes distance’ and many supermarkets are already translating the 1.5-metres distance into ‘the length of one shopping trolley’. Originality wins!

Our content team also started translating the measures for our employees into a fun message. Here’s the result:

2. Inform, combine, and inspire


A good mix of different types of messages is still important to keep your customer’s or employees’ attention. Be sure to provide information on the corona measures, but also put new products in the spotlight or inspire using videos that fit your product, brand, or company.


Be sure to read our infographic on ‘snackable content for digital screen communication’ and get even more tips for the ideal content mix.


Spar and Delhaize are already setting a good example and are fully responding to the current situation in which more people are at home and everyone has more time to stand behind the stove, even cooking with the kids:

3. Use the right tools


Screen communication – or technology in general – can be used perfectly to make your employees and customers aware of the new measures. Communicating your measures is one thing, but enforcing them effectively is another and very time-consuming task.


To help retailers monitor the number of people in the store and thus ensure social distancing, we developed the digital customer counter. A screen at the entrance of your shop (or the entrance of your company) indicates whether you can enter, based on sensors that continuously register the number of incoming and outgoing customers.


4. Put local products in the spotlight


It is clear that our economy is being hit hard. The ‘buy local’ hastags or websites are already a great initiative to support our own businesses and to encourage consumers to support local entrepreneurs as much as possible.


By putting these local products and suppliers in the spotlight via your screen communication, you also do your bit and add variety to your communication (tip 2, check).

5. Positive vibes please


Although our daily lives were pretty shaken up, there are still – thank goodness – a lot of positive messages to share with customers and employees via your screen communication. And these positive vibes are definitely welcome now. ;-)


A thank you to your store employees, a colleague who became a new mum, or a recognisable quote on the topic ‘working from home with children’, with a good content mix, including positive messages, will make your customers and employees feel good right away!

Do you need help shaping your message? Our creative designers would be delighted to help you. Contact us via content@dobit.com and make your message pop! ;-)

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