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Digital customer counter

For a corona-proof door policy

Yes! The countdown to a loosening of the lockdown has begun. But are you ready to welcome your customers back to your shop and make it completely corona-proof


Guaranteeing social distancing by limiting the number of people in your shop is one important condition for reopening. We are happy to lend a hand with our digital customer counter for an automated door policy.

Social Distancing

Automated door policy

The digital customer counter is a fully automated way to monitor the number of people in your shop.

Smart sensors register the number of incoming and outgoing customers so you always have a real-time overview of the number of visitors in your shop. Based on this data, a digital screen at the entrance of your shop displays a customised message to the waiting customer.


Versatile communication tool

By utilising screen communication at the entrance of your shop, you not only monitor the access, but can also carry out other relevant communications while your customer waits

Highlight the coronavirus measures, communicate your latest promos, or put a smile on your waiting customers’ faces by sharing a fun video or personal message.

Digital customer counter possibilities


A solution that counts. ;-)

Additional communication channel

In addition to a message linked to the number of visitors, you can also use the screen perfectly to carry out other communications while customers are waiting. Put the coronavirus measures in the spotlight, communicate new promotions, or provide inspiration for your product range.

Long term

Today, the safety of your employees and customers is priority number one. But even after the coronavirus crisis has passed, it will remain relevant to monitor the number of visitors to your shop and adjust your communication accordingly. In short: the investment in the digital customer counter is not only interesting now, but also in the long term.


The digital customer counter replaces (more than) one full-time employee who monitors access to your shop. With a ROI of two months, this investment is worth it. Your employee(s) will once again focus 100% on their daily work while your door policy remains completely on point.


The digital customer counter can be placed almost anywhere and is easy to install. There is only one requirement and that is a free power outlet for connecting the screen. Depending on the layout of your shop, we’ll be happy to look for the best solution and the best location together with you.

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