Efficient internal communication and state-of-the-art meeting rooms

Aurubis invests in digital technology

Six years ago, copper company Aurubis began investing in an internal platform for digital communication with staff and visitors. As it designs its new office building, Aurubis is going a step further by focusing on meeting room culture and making use of digital technologies.

Look around in the Aurubis offices


With the construction of its new office building in Olen, Aurubis has opted for a modern working environment in which automation and digital technologies play a central role. From digital communication to automated meeting rooms: watch the video and discover today’s customer journey!

Reaching out to staff and visitors

Digital signage

From the lobby to the canteen, Aurubis uses digital screens to communicate with people in the building. Not only do the screens contribute to the modern image of the company, they are also a dynamic tool for providing information to staff and visitors. Aurubis controls how content appears on the screens. “We created a few templates in the Aurubis house style and can use Scala to complete them with text and photos. This is a quick and easy way for us to manage the content appearing on the screens,” says Wim De Bal, account manager at DOBIT.

Intuitive, efficient meetings

Meeting room

Besides digital communication, Aurubis also created a few fully automated meeting rooms. Each one has an interactive screen outside the door indicating whether or not the room is available and which meeting is taking place. Inside, occupants can adjust the light and window blinds instantly using a touch screen, and can switch effortlessly between presentations and video conferencing.

Pack Web Interface

Central building management

All of these systems rely on the Pack web interface by A-knowledge, a star performer in this project. The interface provides an overview of all audio-visual systems throughout the building. Expansion is easy, and existing software programming can be used for the configuration of a new room. Unique, efficient and cost-efficient – all in a single system!