Digital signage with impact

Bru Textiles reaches all employees with a dynamic and efficient communication platform

Bru Textiles does not only have “passion for fabrics”, they also have “passion for people”. ‘It is impressive how many different jobs there are at Bru, each with their own information needs’, Christianna Stefanaki, Marketing Manager at Bru explains. ‘It can be a challenge to get the same information to every department at the same time. Several of our colleagues in the warehouse move around a lot and don’t always have access to a computer.’

To keep everyone informed in a quick and efficient way, Bru Textiles now communicates its messages via digital signage. The great advantage is that the company communicates the content with more impact and they can add a continuous stream of information. 

Flexible communication tool

Creative usage

Bru’s creative approach to digital signage is remarkable. Bru encourages their staff to share content themselves in order to bring everyone even closer together. This can be anything from a holiday picture to home recipes or even sharing hobbies. ‘We try to bring our staff together and create more interaction between them to form a strong team’, says Christianna. ‘With digital signage we can bring information to life and convey our messages in an effective but also fun way. The effect? During the day, everyone will know what is happening in the company, and what events are being planned at Bru. That’s the power of digital signage.’


The partnership works very well. We have chosen DOBIT because they are a family business that inspires trust, partly due to their good references. It’s important to have a good connection with your partner. With DOBIT it immediately felt right. They help you out to find solutions and they can design everything in-house.