Largest indoor LED wall in the Benelux

Unique experience at City2

The imposing LED display of no less than 44 m² is the cherry on the cake for City2 after eighteen months of intense renovations.

Amaury de Crombrugghe, Chief Investment Officer of AG Real Estate, explains: “We embarked on the renovation project because we wanted to create a place that would not only express the ‘urban identity’ of City2, but would also confirm the ‘iconic’ status again in Brussels. The choice for this unique LED wall fits perfectly in this double objective: ‘urban’ because LED is turning up just about everywhere in the biggest world cities, and ‘iconic’ because it is the biggest indoor screen in the Benelux at this time.”

At a height of 12 metres

Challenging installation

The installation was an exciting challenge: “The LED wall is located at a height of some 12 metres. All sorts of elevated platforms and scaffolding were deployed to fix the Samsung LED panels firmly,” says Frank Dehouck, Project Manager at DOBIT. “Moreover, the shopping centre remained open for visitors during these renovations, so we could get down to work only at night.”

It was a very pleasant cooperation. A tight-knit partnership arose, and thanks to a professional and dedicated team, the installation has gone smoothly and the result is more than successful. We received professional advice and support throughout the entire process and the best win-win solution was always sought for each party.


Chief investment officer at AG Real Estate

Go for LED!

A real WOW factor

It is not all that surprising that retailers are opting more and more for LED. Tomas De Fré, Product Specialist at DOBIT, explains this trend: “You can create enormous impact with LED. The stopping power of an LED wall is many times higher than a conventional screen precisely because you can really go all the way with LED. An LED wall is moreover modular, so you are not limited in terms of size. The panels can be used to build a surface precisely as large as you have in mind” – a real wow factor guaranteed to enrich the experience in your shop.

"The time when LED was a niche product has now largely past,” Tomas concludes. “It is no longer the exclusive product that popped up only in Las Vegas or LA. LED is an increasingly more affordable solution which brings colours to our shopping streets too nowadays.”

City2 revives

New retailers and happy customers

Retailers and visitors alike are enthusiastic about the renovation: “They understand that they are getting not only a brand new shopping centre, but also a place where they could meet each other and discover new experiences,” Mr de Cromburgghe said. “So we launched all sorts of new services, the new food court ‘Eats’ has been a resounding success since the opening, and we were also able to welcome some new shopping concepts.”


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