Digital Wine Guide reduces choice stress

Corsendonk deploys technology for a customer-relevant experience

You have undoubtedly already found yourself sweating in front of the wine rack trying to choose the perfect bottle for this evening. The colour you can still manage. But what about the rest? The digital wine guide builds on the luxury that web shop filters offer us. From now on, you can select the perfect wine from a countless number of wines in just a few clicks – and it gets even better – find it at once in the wine rack.

Intuitive and interactive

Bespoke digital advice

Michel Keersmaekers, Corsendonk brewer and beverage merchant, had a very specific request. “I want a wine rack that helps my customers find their bottle of wine rapidly and easily. Whether they want to choose on the basis of colour, country, cultivar or the dish with which the wine has to be pared”.

A perfectly sensible request. We are all used to the luxury that web shop filters offer us to find the right product as rapidly as possible. And that is what happened. A new Retail Experience was born: say welcome to the digital wine guide! You use an interactive screen to indicate what you are looking for. As soon as you have selected your preferences via this screen, the wine rack illuminates the wines that meet your selection criteria. Choosing a wine was never so nice, simply and safe… even for a layman. Cheers!

This digital application translates the online ease of choice into a relevant experience for the customer!


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