Hunkemöller appeals to all the senses

New dimension to shopping experience

Hunkemöller is a household name in multiple countries. With 180 stores in the Netherlands and 100 in Belgium and Luxembourg, Hunkemöller is market leader in the Benelux. So the internationally renowned lingerie chain was keen to go the extra mile. Hunkemöller has opened high-profile flagship stores both in Antwerp and Düsseldorf and recently in Vienna and Stuttgart too. What made these stores a success? A well thought-out concept that's perfectly supported by some great technical feats!

Increased stopping power, check!

LED wall

The flagship stores use technology to completely immerse the customer in the brand culture. From an 'Experience Fitting Room' to a 'Perfume Bar' and 'Social Wall', Hunkemöller doesn't miss out on any of the benefits of the physical store!

With the flagship stores in Shanghai and Leidschendam, Hunkemöller goes one step further by also integrating a large LED wall in the shop window. The LED wall immediately attracts the attention of passers-by and is nicely integrated into the concept of the new facade, giving the total experience a 'boost'.  It is not the technology, but how it fits in perfectly with the concept, that makes a perfect overall picture.

With our digital window we create even more impact. The LED wall stands out and provides a higher stopping power. The reactions are already super: mission accomplished!


Global Retail Experience Manager at Hunkemöller