Jeans Centre counters no-sales with instore webshop

The best of online now in store

There's nothing as frustrating as when that particular item is no longer available in your size, or when your favourite colour seems to be out of stock. An in-store webshop offers the solution, and at Jeans Centre they are well aware of this. In order to serve customers as well as possible, the chain of stores is investing in this touch solution, thus reducing the number of declined sales.

Counter no-sales

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The in-store webshop is a highly powerful solution both for Jeans Centre and the customer. This solution suits the store format perfectly. Not all stores are the same size, but thanks to the instore webshop, Jeans Centre can now sell the entire range in each store, without it being physically present. The instore webshop is perfectly in line with modern customer expectations. “They can choose whether to have the item delivered to the store, or delivered to their home free of charge”, adds Mark Roex. "We're not the only ones who are extremely happy with this extra service, our customers are too!”

It seems that the in-store webshop already generated extra turnover after a month. Because this project was such a success, we decided to equip all our stores with this interactive in-store webshop.