Digital communication in all shapes and sizes

Perry comes up with innovative, surprising and unique concept

Following a thorough renovation, Perry Sport has reopened its flagship store on Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat. This is the perfect opportunity for Perry to introduce a number of noteworthy new in-store developments, ranging from an unconventional array of screens to an urban green wall. The store reflects everything Perry stands for and signals the launch of a new story.

Completely Perry

Digital experience

While digital screen communication is not a new phenomenon, Perry has used it to create a unique story. Apart from the unconventional placement of screen arrays, the store also incorporates a large variety of other digital elements. Bote explains. “The fitting rooms have digital mirrors, and staff are equipped with iPads which allow them to check stock and order new items immediately. There is also an Experience space with a screen hanging opposite a treadmill, where we can run analyses. In short: the store has all kinds of smart elements that are tools in our customers’ hands.”

Local relevance

Customer centered

“Our new owners, JD Sports, placed their trust in us and allowed us to work out this new concept further,” continues Bote. “We evaluated the type of customers in each city. The Kalverstraat store is designed with Amsterdam shoppers in mind: who are they, and what do they want? In January we will launch a similar approach in the Nijmegen store, also focussing on the city. What kind of place is it? Who are our customers in Nijmegen, and how can we accommodate them in the Perry environment? We want to be relevant to the local situation.”

Green city

Urban Green Wall

“Perry is all about staying in motion, and we were eager to bring the outdoors inside. With that in mind we opted for a green wall, full of plants,” explains Bote Galema, USG Retail’s retail marketing manager. “Not only does it evoke the outdoors, it is also a good fit for Perry.” But the green wall is not the only new element. “Store design is usually formulated by category (a particular sport) and using shop-in- shops, but we did done something different. We wanted to create a Perry environment in which brands are given a platform, and focus on a specific target group: women, men, adventure. The shop floor totals 1,100 square metres, with each ‘world’ covering about 330 square metres.”

We plan to renovate another six stores in 2017 based on this new concept and will continue to incorporate our most important findings in our new branches. Our goal is to renovate six stores each year, starting at key locations such as Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam.