Digital gadgets for a special experience

Torfs gets children involved in the buying process

Torfs invests in the future with a brand-new store concept focussed on children, fashion lovers and sustainability. Not only does Torfs now offer clothing, the new concept is also a marvellous experience, especially for our smallest customers.

Digital experience

Focus on the children

Torfs in Ghent playfully takes children along an interactive, entertaining buying process.


We have a colourful recycling box from which children can collect shoes and clothing by climbing a staircase and turning a large wheel. And our foot measuring machine has also received a digital upgrade and is now linked to a fun treasure hunt, a test course and a reward. Buying shoes has never been so much fun ;-).

Fun for the kids

The Torfs Ravotclub

The new store concept also includes the launch of the Torfs Ravotclub: the best club in the country for children from 2 to 9 years old. Milo and Mila, the club’s mascots, enthuse the kids throughout the entire buying process using animations on various digital screens.


"We are very proud to have worked with Wave of Engagement on the branding of the Torfs Ravotclub," says Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist at DOBIT. "Our Motion Designers have been providing the animations for the digital signage screens at Torfs for many years. So we were already familiar with Torfs’ style and understood the direction they wanted to take with the Ravotclub. Some of the things our graphics team were responsible for included the development of the logo, drawing the bees, working out the scenario and, as icing on the cake, creating the various animations."

More than just digital signage

Digital gadgets

You wouldn’t say it at first sight, but there is a lot of technology behind the various implementations. “To really get the children involved in the story, we create the impression that the bees react to their actions,” says Nele Bruers. “We use sensors and links to control the animations on the screens.”


For example, the recycling machine has a proximity sensor to detect when someone comes close, which then starts up a custom animation. As soon as the children turn the wheel, this triggers another movie and Milo and Mila respond to the action. The foot measuring machine was not left out; there is now a link between the existing scanner platform and the animations on the screen. This lets Milo and Mila follow the scanning process and tell the children, in their own way, what they should do.

Interaction Wave of Engagement

Strategy, design and technology

To achieve this new store concept, we worked closely with our subsidiary, Wave of Engagement. “Wave of Engagement examined the strategy with Torfs and used the results to develop a great store design that is completely aligned to the brand and identity of the retailer,” says Nele.


"The technological aspect was also discussed at an early stage during the brainstorming session. This means the technological concepts really formed part of the store design and flow seamlessly into it. This is the strength of our collaboration: everything forms a perfect whole and the imagery works perfectly together." 


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