Smart Mirror

Bespoke advice

In the Smart Mirror, the sales staff has an excellent selling tool that offers personal advice and brings the customer experience in the shop. The customer not only gets relevant suggestions, but can also see himself from all possible angles and add the desired items immediately to his shopping basket – excellent support for a customer- oriented approach!

Data-driven customer experience

The ideal assistant

The Smart Mirror is the ideal assistant of the shop employee. Depending on the clothing that the customer is trying on at that moment, the mirror provides extra suggestions for combination items or alternatives in the same style. Furthermore, the mirror also gives insight into the shop inventory at once, so that the sales staff are spared having to make unnecessary runs through the shop and can thus stay focused entirely on the customer!


Instore webshop

"The Smart Mirror is not a replacement of the shop staff,” Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist, stresses. “It is a additional tool used to support the selling process and give the customer experience a boost.” The interactive mirror is also an instant instore webshop. Do you want to buy the items you have on or would you like to order another size or colour, which is not stocked in the shop? The salesperson places the desired item in the shopping basket with a touch on the mirror screen. In short, the customer takes centre stage and is served hand and foot!

Useful and fun

Built-in camera

A nice extra feature: as soon as the shop employee activates the camera, the customer sees his or her back in the mirror image. Without having to turn every which way, the customer can see precisely how the suit falls on the back and whether the bum looks good in the new jeans ;-).

Want to see more?

Discover our concepts @ Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp

You can admire the Smart Mirror yourself in the RetailHub in Antwerp. Would you like a tour or are you curious as to how this concept fits in your store? Contact us, and we will be glad to delve into the matter together with you ;-).

Innovation team

Concept video

The Smart Mirror is the brainchild of the DOBIT innovation team. A number of creative colleagues get together on a regular basis to give shape to new ideas and, as the name clearly announces, to innovative concepts. All talk and no action? Quite the contrary: the best concepts are really developed and given shape in the RetailHub in order to inspire you ;-).