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10 benefits of digital signage for your business

The fact that digital signage is a modern and efficient channel to inform your employees and visitors is indisputable. But did you know that digital signage has many other benefits for your business? We’ll list 10 for you in this blog.


1. Reach everyone


You can reach both desk and non-desk employees with digital signage. By placing your digital screens in the offices, production areas, and dining hall, you reach all your employees, including those who do not have access to platforms such as email or their mobile phone during working hours.

digital signage non-desk workers

You can also reach customers and visitors through digital signage. Welcome them by placing digital screens at reception or in your lobby, or guide them throughout your company by deploying digital signage for wayfinding purposes.


2. BOOST your company’s appearance


Digital screens give your business a modern look. By focusing on this dynamic form of communication, you immediately make a good first impression with customers, visitors, and employees.


TIP: More and more companies are going for a real WOW factor and opting for a large LED wall on the façade, in the entryway, or in the lobby. We’ll discuss some of the advantages of this technology in our blog ‘Six reasons to choose an LED wall’. 


3. Quick and up-to-date communications


Digital signage allows you to communicate up-to-date information very quickly. Creating a new post is simply, even if you aren’t a graphic prodigy yourself. ;-) By using templates that are ready-made in your house style, you can share a new message in no time that’s completely on-brand!

Appspace template

Did you know that digital signage is also perfect for managing crisis communications? Think of automatically communicating a fire alarm in specific areas of your business or other urgent messages such as a virus outbreak or recall.  Thanks to digital signage, you maintain control over the flow of information and nip disinformation in the bud immediately!


4. Communicate effectively and purposefully


Another advantage of digital signage is that you can communicate in a very relevant and targeted way. For example, do you want to communicate certain messages to a specific team or location, or do you want to adapt your message to the weather or the audience present at that moment? Thanks to tags, time scheduling, and links to external systems (from weather forecasting to people recognition technology), you decide who sees what message at what time of day.


5. Dynamic communications


A picture is worth a thousand words and that is precisely why digital signage is a particularly powerful communication channel. Through digital signage, you communicate visual content that immediately grabs the attention of your target audience. From beautiful poster animations to 2D and 3D content, videos, and animated illustrations.


Did you know we have an in-house design team that creates fun animations on a daily basis for clients such as Delhaize, Schoenen Torfs, and City2? In addition, our creative content designers also help prepare templates that are completely on-brand so you can quickly get started sharing messages for your internal communications yourself. Check the website for more inspiration!


Our designers are also only too happy to jump into the breach for our own internal communication. ;-) From Valentine’s Day tips to a teaser for our team-building weekend, or the animation below with an internal call to join our ‘Dovélo team’:

6. Increase engagement


A well-informed employee is an engaged employee. ;-) By bringing a fun content mix of ‘need-to-knows’ and ‘nice-to-knows’ to your digital signage screens, you not only keep employees up-to-date on the ins and outs of your organisation, but also provide the necessary fun factor.


For example, we launched the compliment chain where everyone took turns writing a compliment for a colleague. Each week, the compliment was delivered in person, we drew a picture and shared a message on our screens.

Tip: don’t just communicate top-down; give employees the ability to share messages on your screens. This can range from birth announcements to an invitation to go hiking together or sharing holiday photos. Sharing a message is very easy and accessible using premade templates.


7. Strengthen your corporate branding


Digital signage gives you the opportunity to highlight your values and standards and reinforce your company’s branding and identity. Consistent branding on all displays strengthens your brand recognition and boosts your corporate experience. In addition, commit to storytelling and include employees, customers, and visitors in the story behind your business.


In this context, digital signage is also an additional asset to get job applicants and new employees excited about your company. The War for Talent is on! ;-)


8. Centralised control of your screens


Do you have digital signage spread across several sites? No problem! Managing your digital signage network and controlling your digital signage is done remotely via one centralised platform. You remotely maintain control over what is communicated where.


TIP: Choose a good Content Management System to manage and control your digital signage network. We offer Appspace for our corporate clients, and providing both initial set-up and hands-on training. In addition, we prepare various templates in your house style so you can quickly get started yourself and you can always count on our support service for questions or technical problems.

9. Long-lasting


Digital signage is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printing methods, ‘at the door’ signs, and posters. By focusing on digital signage, you reduce the paper mountain and avoid outdated messaging.


10. Cost-saving


Although the initial investment may seem high, digital signage is cost-effective in the long run. After the installation and initial set-up of the content management system with the appropriate templates, your internal communication department can start creating and sharing messages all by itself and without too much graphic knowledge. Say goodbye to printing and design costs and hello to efficiency, speed, and dynamism!


We could go on for hours about the benefits of digital signage ;-) but are also very curious to hear your story and how we can help you with your digital signage strategy.


Feel free to contact We’ll be happy to help!

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