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Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?

The workplace has changed, that's for sure. COVID-19 boosted teleworking and experts predict that 40% of employees will continue to work from home after corona. This new reality brings many challenges and a fundamental shift in the way we work. 


In this blog, we list the main challenges and provide tools and technologies to embrace this New Way of Working.


1. Internal communication in the hybrid workplace


A well-informed employee not only feels more committed to the organisation, he/she is also more motivated to work hard and is loyal to your company. Reaching all your employees, regardless of time or place, is essential not only today but also post-corona.


Enterprise messaging apps like Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams or Slack are almost indispensable in the hybrid workplace. These apps offer an ideal platform for keeping up-to-date with the ins and outs of the company, exchanging data and collaborating efficiently. In short, a great digital alternative for staying connected with colleagues any time, anywhere.

Moreover, by dispersing your messages through different channels, including digital signage or an employee app, you ensure maximum reach. Find out more in the e-book: The COVID-19 Back-to-work Playbook: Enterprise Edition from Appspace. Our blog ‘Internal communication in times of corona: maximise the impact of digital signage’ also offers tips to ensure maximum reach with a minimum workload.


2. Smaller but Smarter? The flexible workstation is a fact!


A second shift that has been accelerated by corona is that fixed workstations are gradually disappearing and making way for flexible workstations. Reservation tools are gaining popularity for organising the office environment and workstations as efficiently as possible.


Appspace also recently launched a new feature that enables you to book a meeting room or workstation in an intuitive, visual manner.


These reservation tools offer a transparent overview of the occupancy rate in times of corona and thus contribute directly to a safe workplace. After corona, such tools will be more than nice-to-have in order to guarantee efficient room management. Because employees have a clear view of the available meeting rooms and workstations from a distance, they are never faced with surprises.


3. Collaborating efficiently 


Efficient meetings have long been a challenge for many companies. How do you ensure a dynamic meeting? How do you involve and engage everyone? And how do you create interactivity between the participants? Thanks to COVID-19, these challenges were given a new dimension. Because organising an interactive meeting from a distance is easy, to say the least!

Since many employees will embrace teleworking after corona, a well-functioning video conferencing system is and remains a must. An investment in this is more than worthwhile. In our blog ‘How do you ensure the perfect video meeting?’ we shared some tips to take your video meeting - at the office or from home - to a higher level.


Curious about the possibilities for your company? I am happy to help you! Contact me at wdebal@dobit.com.

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