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From self-service kiosk to the digital customer counter

Delhaize puts both a unique shopping experience and the customer first

Delhaize is #doinggreat and deploys digital technology for a better shopping experience for both customers and staff. With the launch of the SuperPlus loyalty card, the renewed store concept was given an extra boost and Delhaize highlighted its innovative nature!

Digital and sustainable

Innovation is key

With no less than 800 stores, an extensive range of 20,000 quality products and more than 32,000 employees, Delhaize De Leeuw is a major food retail player.


Innovation, inspiration and convenience are the starting points of Delhaize’s store concept. The different digital applications fit in seamlessly with this. For instance, Delhaize installed self-service kiosks to switch to the brand-new loyalty card, Delhaize started using the digital customer counter in order to guarantee safety in the store, while the various digital signage screens provide a better shopping experience for both customers and staff.

From Plus to SuperPlus

Innovative loyalty card

The most recent showpiece is the new Delhaize loyalty card. With the new SuperPlus card, the customer enjoys even more benefits, including extra discount when purchasing products with Nutri-score A and B. “It is a digital experience whereby customers get all the benefits of the card via the app on their smartphone and are part of a loyalty club," said Xavier Piesvaux, CEO of Delhaize. 

Central management via EloView

Smart Self-service deployment

To make sure that this new SuperPlus card and its many advantages are accessible to everyone, Delhaize invested in no less than 615 self-service kiosksand these are spread out over as many stores.  “We installed all the kiosks in a matter of weeks," says Frank Dehouck, Project Manager at DOBIT. "A challenging project, but thanks to EloView and the Android Enterprise operating system, installation went flawlessly."


It was pure plug & play: as soon as the kiosk had power and internet connection on site, it automatically retrieved the correct application and the kiosk mode was activated, ensuring that users could not break out of the application in any way.


Delhaize is not only revolutionary when it comes to the new loyalty card, the company is also taking a pioneering role by choosing Android Enterprise. Frank: "Thanks to Android Enterprise and EloView, we have control over the entire kiosk network at all times"

We are aware that not everyone has access to a Smartphone, computer or internet. In order to allow every customer to enjoy the advantages of our new card and to give everybody access to the online platform, we chose to place a kiosk in the shop. The self-service kiosk makes the SuperPlus loyalty card accessible to everyone.

Roel Dekelver

External Communication at Delhaize

Safety first

Digital customer counter

The digital customer counter also fits in perfectly with the food retailer's vision. Roel Dekelver explains: "Delhaize is constantly looking for innovative concepts that make our customers' and employees' lives easier. COVID-19 was quite a challenge for all of us. We had to switch quickly and adapt to this new reality, while always putting the safety of our customers and employees first. This is how we ended up with the digital customer counter. An innovative solution that has been implemented in the short term, regulating the door policy automatically in an efficient manner."

Dynamic and sustainable

Digital signage

Finally, digital screen communication is an integral part of the new store concept. Dynamic animations provide the customer with inspiration and information at various places in the store. Moreover, the digital screens don’t just provide the store with a modern look, they also offer Delhaize a lot of flexibility to communicate quickly and up-to-date.


Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Specialist at DOBIT: "The content on the screens is centrally managed by our content team, providing Delhaize with the widest possible reach without a massive workload. On the basis of the folder, our designers create fun weekly animations and we show them on the right screens in the store via the central management platform."


Thanks to our years of experience and passion for  digital signage and technology, we are ready to work with you to give your internal communication and the corporate experience a “boost”.


You’re halfway there if you get a good start. Based on your store concept and purpose, we like to think along with you about how digital technology enhances the in-store experience.

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