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Decathlon launches the 'Essential Gear Wall'

Hockey is booming; sheen guards, shoes and sticks are selling out fast. But how can you help the customer find the right equipment without an expert always at hand in the store? Decathlon has looked for and found a solution: an interactive screen with a nice application is now providing tips and advice on finding the right Hockey equipment!

Digital transformation

Self-managing teams

Decathlon has been working on the digital transformation for a number of years already. The retail has launched customer-relevant concepts, through self-managing teams, that are supported by the entire organization. The Essential Gear Wall is a case in point. This digital technology supports the store staff and provides relevant advice with nice digital content. Hockey player and Red Panther Jill Boon guides the customers through the selection process and gives tips and tricks to help find the perfect equipment for them.

In addition to the product advice, the interactive screen is perfect for highlighting the joy of playing hockey. After one year, the Essential Gear Wall is up and running in twenty stores in three countries, including our new store in Ottowa!



Video production

From concept to implementation

The Essential Gear Wall took shape after a number of brainstorming sessions with Decathlon and thus meets the customer’s needs to a T. The DOBIT content team spent a day in the studio with hockey player and Red Panther Jill Boon and Ellie Huxley for the images of the interactive application!


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