Instore webshop

The Dutch sport retailer Unlimited Sports Group recently installed large Elo IDS screens in every Aktiesport and Perrysport store. Thanks to these screens, the retailer never have to disappoint customers. If someone wants a particular size or colour shoe that they do not have in the store, customers can order it via the screen and receive it the very next day. It has been proven that we have been able to reduce the number of no-sales significantly!

Increase sales

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The instore webshop is a powerful sales tool which helps staff realize clear increases in sales, even for items that are not in stock in the store. Staff can check stock levels and store availability on any product, and order it if needed. The screens give every Aktiesport location access to the entire stock, which means that even the smallest store can provide customers with the full selection of items. Orders can be placed by customers, without intervention by staff. And staff can order very large items, such as pool tables, without having to keep them in the store.

We have been more than happy in our collaboration with DOBIT. They opened our eyes to the great range of possibilities of touch technology. DOBIT has contributed greatly to the project’s success, and was even prepared to invest in a number of trial installations. That is proof of their solid commitment to their applications and products.