Digital signage: small step, big result

Bank and insurance group Argenta took the step to Digital Signage in the middle of 2013.  The digital screens in the waiting rooms and in the windows strengthen Argenta’s image of a professional bank-insurer while radiating warmth and accessibility. Today there are screens in some 130 offices. The Digital Signage platform is a great success. More and more branch managers are choosing this modern style of communication.

DOBIT service

Content is King

Installing screens in the right place is only one part of a successful digital signage project. Displaying the right content is just as important, if not more. Here, too, DOBIT plays a supporting role. Nele Bruers, Business Development Manager at DOBIT: "In the first step, we define, together with the client, the objective of the screens, and we look at the various locations. Based on a clear strategy, we can then determine which content should be shown on the screens. In the next step, we provide a number of training opportunities that specifically target the delivery of the right content, the different possibilities and the pitfalls. Customers can then choose whether they will take on the content management themselves or whether they will leave this to us.”

The cooperation with DOBIT went very well. DOBIT is very customer-oriented and professional. And, on top of that, DOBIT gave us the opportunity to think for ourselves about our strategy, but at the same time DOBIT worked together with us intensively to make sure we made the right choices.