Digital signage informs and entertains the customer

There is a lot to experience in the 'Hypermarket of the future'.

With this ‘Hypermarket of the future', the supermarket chain is offering an unparalleled shopping experience. It has a floor area of no less than 11,700 m² and contains various small shops which form a giant shopping paradise. A baker’s shop, butcher, caterer, fish, sushi or cheese department are just a few examples of the separate shops that have a place in the new Carrefour Hyper.

Digital and human

Experience shopping

The Hypermarket aims to make things as simple and pleasant as possible for the customer, and employs the latest digital applications in order to do so, all without losing sight of the human aspect. Within the different shops there are professionals who can prepare the tastiest traditional products right in front of the customer. The coffee is roasted in the shop, a real pizzaiolo makes fresh pizzas on the spot, bakers and pastry cooks prepare sandwiches, pastries and local specialities, etc. In short, there’s a lot to buy but also a lot to experience in this ‘store of the future’.

Digital signage

Inform and entertain

One part of this experience is the digital screens that are set up in various places in the store. The ‘seasonal’ department has an impressive 4 by 4 video wall and at the entrance a portrait video wall welcomes customers. One or more screens also support the Hypermarket concept at the cash registers and in all the ‘shop-in-shops’. 

Scala digital signage

Control over content

‘The screens in the different shops are perfect for providing customers with extra information about the quality and origin of the products’, explains Nele Bruers, Business Development Manager at Dobit. ‘Because a different message must be shown in each separate shop, an effective management platform is crucial for this project.’

The content is managed and controlled via the Scala digital signage software. ‘By allocating meta data to the messages and to the right players, it’s very easy to show the right messages in the right place. What’s more, the software gives a clear overview so that you can always quickly see if everything is correctly displayed and working properly.’

Over 500 distribution experts joined forces and took on the challenge to create an unprecedented shopping experience. We’re very proud that we were able to work on this project. In less than tree weeks we installed 128 screens. This project was without a doubt one of our most challenging installation projects to date.