Wonderful experience at Coco & Sebas

Digital signage enhances the experience in new brand store

Coco & Sebas has opened a new brand store on the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It’s modest in square metres yet massive in terms of experience. With the new store, the luxury chocolate brand focuses on the entire brand experience and elevates chocolate to a greater good.

Experience from A to Z

Sparkle up your day

“With each product, each gift and each visit to our brand store, we want to provide a sparkle: enjoy, indulge or be pampered for a while”, says Lauri Beljaarts, Marketing and Brand Manager at Coco & Sebas. “Our customers are guests that we invariably greet when they enter our shop. They can taste something, get advice on our products and if they have to wait a while, they get a cup of coffee. Seeing, smelling and tasting the product is part of our experience.”

Step to digital signage

Sparkle up your communication

With the new brand store, Coco & Sebas takes the first step towards digital communication. “We used to work with illuminated signs in our shops, but that was neither efficient nor sustainable. For each new campaign, we had to order new canvases, and the old ones were tossed away,” says Lauri.

“Using screen communication enables us to switch faster, and we can transfer one film to different screen formats. The content is controlled remotely, which takes the burden off our staff.”

Customer Experience

One brand experience

All the details are right, and that’s what makes the experience so strong. The Coco & Sebas style is immediately recognisable. The shop window has a luxurious appearance and the screen, an LED screen in Amsterdam, enhances the brand experience. “The screen in the window provides more stopping power and immerses customers in the brand experience before they enter the shop,” says Nele Bruers, Instore Experience specialist at DOBIT. “Alternative content that directs the customer to the web shop is displayed after hours.”

A second screen is located in the shop and displays the entire range and composition of the products. “If something changes in the product range, this is adjusted on all the screens in just a few clicks.”

We are already in chocolate shops in Belgium and see that our brand is doing very well there. That gives us enough confidence to take things to the next level in Belgium. We are opening a shop in the Flemish seaside resort of Knokke this summer. We are also planning some new shops in the Netherlands and are considering crossing the border into Germany.

Roger Scheeren

Managing Director Coco & Sebas

Digital touch points

Concept video

“Coco & Sebas already had a very good idea about the layout of the brand store. They have been working with the Bulsink design agency for years,” says Nele Bruers.

“To give Coco & Sebas a realistic picture of the digital interpretation, we made a concept video with additional info about the digital possibilities. The result can now be admired in the Kalverstraat!”