Etex bets on the New Way of Working

New office building offers space for work and experience

Hybrid working is the new normal, which means efficient space management and a good video conferencing system has never been higher on the agenda. Etex, international manufacturer of sustainable building materials, also fully meets the needs of the New Way of Working with its new office building.

Flexible office environment

New Way of Working

The refurbishment of the Etex Centre gained real momentum after Covid. “It soon became clear that hybrid working was there to stay, even after Covid. To avoid vacancies and make the best use of space, we felt the need to redesign the current workplaces,” says An Jeurissen, Management Assistant at Etex. 


Etex moved away from the classic ‘1 workplace per employee’ model and opted for a flexible office environment based on ‘Activity-Based Working’. “The individual offices gave way to meeting areas, there were quiet rooms, call boxes, informal spaces, meeting rooms… in short, the new office building now offers space for team meetings, spontaneous encounters, as well as concentrated work!”

We moved away from the classic ‘1 workplace per employee’ model and opted for a flexible office environment. In the new office building, 200 employees share 144 workstations, resulting in a nice ratio of 0.7 workstations per user.

An Jeurissen

Management Assistant at Etex

High-quality video conferencing system

Efficient meetings

“Activity-based working regularly creates a hybrid situation in Teams meetings, where some employees are in the office and some work from home,” says An Jeurissen. “Good equipment in the meeting rooms, with quality image and sound, is therefore of great importance to always provide the best meeting experience.”


“In this regard, DOBIT advised us to choose the right setup for each meeting room (from small to auditorium). The ease of use of the solution ensures that everyone can quickly get to grips with the new technology. The cooperation ran smoothly from the beginning. DOBIT showed the necessary flexibility as the planning was highly dependent on the structural works in the building.”

Room and desk booking

Space management

Etex invested in an intuitive room and desk booking system to ensure optimal room management. “A meeting room display hangs at the entrance to every meeting room,” says Wim De Bal, Account Manager at DOBIT. “These screens immediately allow you to see the room’s daily occupancy and you can schedule a meeting ad hoc. You also need to check in before your meeting starts. If you don’t check in, the meeting room is automatically released.”


In addition, Etex uses Appspace’s desk booking tool. “Each employee can select and reserve the desired workplace via their mobile device. This way, they are always sure to have a workstation and, as a company, you always have your finger on the pulse when it comes to workplace capacity,” concludes Wim De Bal.

The rise of hybrid working challenges companies to transform and embrace new technologies. Appspace, the workspace experience platform we offer, bundles various applications for hybrid working in a single platform: from controlling your screen communications to an Employee App for room and desk booking. 

Wim De Bal

Corporate Experience Specialist
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