Digital gadgets for more service and experience

Isola revamps showroom and commits to the digital experience

Creating comfort in the home is Isola’s mission. The new showroom also focuses on comfort and Isola is committed to an unforgettable Customer Experience. Both the interior and the various technological gadgets take the experience and customer service to the next level.

Better customer service and experience

Digital technology

The new showroom is completely in line with Isola’s mission. “Customers have been able to come to us since 2017 for full floor construction: from insulation and underfloor heating to screed and tiling,” says Winde Bostyn, Marketing Manager at Isola. “Our previous space did not do enough justice to the products and did not suit the way we want to welcome and assist our customers in choosing their dream tile.” The new showroom does. The digital implementations are fully dedicated to improving customer service and experience, and the interior reflects the quality and personal service for which Isola stands.

Making the most of wait times

Personal welcome

The Customer Experience starts immediately upon entering the showroom. For instance, a personalised welcome message plays on the screen and while waiting, customers are given more information about all the services Isola offers. “We always work by appointment and find it important that customers feel welcome right away. The personalised message on the screen is a small effort for us, but really makes all the difference. The right atmosphere is set even before our salesperson greets the customer. In addition, the waiting moment is the ideal opportunity to also highlight our other services and immerse our customers in our brand identity.”

Digitalisation for realistic images

3D visualisations

The showpiece of the showroom is undoubtedly the large HD screen at the ‘mood board’. “We display 3D visualisations of the samples the customer likes on this screen. Customers can provide us with photos of the room to be tiled in preparation for their visit so that they can immediately see the effect of the chosen tile in their own interior,” says Winde. “To achieve this, every tile in our showroom has an RFID tag. From the moment we put the tag in the right place on the mood board, the client sees the result on the big screen. It’s not just some fun gimmick; it’s really a proven added value during the selection process.”

The cooperation went very smoothly. We called on DOBIT’s expertise for the digital interpretation. During the concept presentation, we were given a clear briefing on the purpose of the digital concepts and immediately got a concept sketch, which gave us a good idea of what to expect.

Winde Bostyn

Marketing Manager Isola

Modern look & feel


Other digital gadgets include the lighting table, the Samsung Flip, and the touchscreen in the multipurpose room. “The lighting table also plays an important role in the selection process. It mimics five different colour temperatures, ranging from cold fluorescent light to daylight and warm ambient light. This way, customers can see the colour and texture of the tile in different lighting conditions and never get any surprises,” continues Winde. “The built-in touchscreen in our multipurpose room lends itself perfectly to dynamically informing our architects and property developers. Using the touchscreen, we navigate through our presentation projected on a large infinity wall. It’s also a nice eye-catcher and we’ve got a lot of positive feedback on it already.”

Digital concept briefings

From concept to realisation

The cooperation went very smoothly. “Wave of Engagement brought together several parties, including our architecture firm Mamu Architects and DOBIT. “We called on DOBIT’s expertise for the digital interpretation. During the concept presentation, we were given a clear briefing on the purpose of the digital concepts and immediately got a concept sketch, which gave us a good idea of what to expect. We ourselves are very happy with the result but it is especially nice to hear that our customers also find it a very pleasant showroom. Of course, that’s the best compliment!”

The lighting table, 3D visualisations, and presentation screen are very powerful tools that provide a good, realistic representation of the result and look & feel of a particular tile or parquet floor. They are useful tools in the customer’s decision-making process.

Winde Bostyn

Marketing Manager Isola
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