Lexus surprises the customer with a multi-sensorial experience

Retail 2020 concept

The new Lexus concept is one that’s fit for royalty. The dealerships are dedicated to ‘Progressive Luxury’. An enriching luxury experience for the customer on the one hand and eco-friendly solutions on the other. The result is fresh, modern and stylish, but also warm and personal at the same time! And the digital implementations in the different ‘Customer Areas’ are just one element of a multi-sensory experience.

From start to finish

Customer experience

The experience already begins before you walk into the dealership. The modern stylish buildings immediately ensure a luxurious atmosphere and through the glass front you can already catch a glimpse of a large video wall professionally integrated in an impressive glossy black wall. As you walk in the light subtly changes intensity in the entrance hall and the waiting room is also designed to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible. Free coffee, Wi-Fi, a place to work, a comfortable seat and... a great buzz! Via screen communication, the customer can find out more about Lexus and keep up-to-date with special offers, the weather forecast and the latest news. 

Video wall


From the waiting room, customers also have a view of the large video wall which continuously plays inspiring video clips. What makes this video wall extra fun is that a salesperson can also show the car configurator on it. In other words, the customer can explore a car and immediately admire it on the large screen.

Car configurator

Private consultation

If it all becomes a bit more concrete, the customer can view the car configurator in a ‘private consultation’ with the salesperson. Here too, the salesperson’s tablet is connected to the screen via AirPlay, so that the customer can see how their car can be fully adapted to their requests and needs. The car configurator is perfect for supporting the sales process.

Lexus Retail Interface

Personalised handover

But the icing on the cake is undoubtedly the implementation in the ‘handover room’. ‘The handover procedure had to be a memorable, personalised moment, not just a standard handing over of the keys’ explains Kristof Vandeloo, Project Manager at DOBIT. ‘And at the same time, it also had to be easy for the salesperson to personalise this handover procedure.’

‘The LRI (Lexus Retailer Interface) system that we developed at DOBIT meets this need perfectly. Each dealer can log into this system and create a personalised ‘handover presentation’ in a very simple and intuitive way. This allows us to show only the messages that are relevant to this specific customer.’

A marvel of technology

Handover which remains

And then it’s time for a marvel of technology to give the customer one last surprise. The presentation ends with a video which shows one last gleaming image of the chosen Lexus. The suspense builds and the big moment has really come now. The lights are dimmed, the glass wall suddenly becomes transparent and for the very first time, the customer can see their brand-new Lexus, looking all shiny and ready for its first drive. The circle is complete, the experience is over and the customer... is king of the castle! 

DOBIT was chosen to roll out this project. In one year, 64 dealerships were fitted out according to the new concept, in 13 different countries. By 2018, all Lexus dealerships and repair centres - a total of almost 500 locations spread over Europe - will have this new concept!