Orange commits to sustainable innovation

Improved customer service and experience thanks to smart technology

As one of the biggest players on the telecoms market, Orange Belgium places great importance on digital innovation, deploying technology where it truly provides added value. The latest flagship store on Brussels' rue Neuve is also packed with a number of new digital tools, providing improved customer service, a better overall experience and delivering on the company’s sustainable energy policy.

Digital touch points

Customer Journey

The eye-catcher at the new flagship store is undoubtedly the 2-by-3-metre LED wall screen. Not only does this add colour to the overall streetscape, but it also serves to reinforce Orange's brand experience. At the same time, Orange is also putting technology to clever use in-store.

From the moment you enter the store, you can pick up a tracking number at a kiosk. This ticketing system is linked to a large digital screen inside the store. While you wait, you can either take a seat in the cosy waiting area or simply go and explore the store for yourself. Take the 'Home-corner', for instance, packed full of fun gimmicks. Or perhaps you’d rather check out the 'Brand Displays' for inspiration on specific brands. Alternatively, use the 'Virtual Shelf' to look up more information on specific products and subscriptions. In short: Orange is leaving no touchpoint untapped.

Every digital innovation must provide added value for customers and employees, while also being manageable, flexible and low-maintenance. No one-hit-wonders, rather investments that pay off in the long term.

Luc Wilna

Digital Signage Project Manager at Orange

Flexibility and long-term vision

DXP Platform

Every innovation starts from the DXP platform. ‘This central platform combines different applications and collects all the data. Take, for instance, the data collected from the ‘Virtual Shelf’ (i.e. which products customers search for) or the number of visitors measured using smart sensors’, explains Bavo Bruers, Operations Manager at DOBIT. ‘By collecting all data under one platform, Orange is able to gain an insight into customer behaviour. In the long run, this will result in the use of data-driven digital signage.’


Also essential for Orange is the careful management of their retail network. ‘We are able to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption by running the instore screens only during opening hours. This can be set remotely, ensuring the running times are perfectly in line with the opening hours of each individual store.’

Proactive monitoring

Service & support

With around 115 stores and over 1,200 stakeholders, having a well-thought-out service & support model is essential. ‘To gain a good picture of our entire network, we invested in 'power plugs' for each store', explains Jan Verheyen, Service Delivery Manager at DOBIT. ‘This enables us to acquire real-time insights in the uptime of our screens, which in turn helps us take proactive action.’


‘If we see that a screen is offline, we will first try to resolve it remotely. If this is not possible, we will then schedule an on-site intervention. By investing in the 'power plugs', we have been able to reduce the number of onsite interventions from 40% to under 10%, guaranteeing an uninterrupted uptime of no less than 99.8%.’

The nice thing about our partnership with DOBIT is that there is always room for constructive dialogue. Given the scale of this project, we keep in touch on an almost weekly basis, with everything open for discussion. We are constantly brainstorming new ideas, putting our collective heads together to come up with sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Luc Wilna

Digital Signage Project Manager at Orange


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