SKM puts on a true experience

Interior design and digital communication made to measure

SKM is back in style and shedding its dusty image for good. Thanks to an innovative store concept SKM is offering a real boutique experience with even greater focus on cosiness and service.

We see people, not sizes

A boutique with character

SKM is an established name along the A12 and has been doing better than ever since the takeover in 2016. Yet the appearance of the multi-brands boutique no longer conveyed the heart-warming vision of its new owners Dominique and Steven. ‘SKM is a family boutique, where you can enjoy some pleasant time and where service is a priority’, says Dominique Somers, manager at SKM. ‘We were keen to extend this vision to our shop concept. We wanted a boutique with character, rather than coming across as an impersonal chain.’ The result? A warm boutique experience with inspiring nooks and crannies, a pleasant bistro, plus an in-house sewing team carrying out repairs and alternations on the premises. In short: SKM looks more amazing than ever, and is managing to attract new brands and new customers.

The renovated store is a huge success. In only one month, we have already welcomed 900 new customers, our turnover has grown by 23.5 per cent and the average ticket value is 4% higher than before.

Dominique Somers

Owner SKM

SKM as a brand

From strategy to concept

‘When I first spoke to Dominique I was immediately convinced that our subsidiary Wave of Engagement would be the perfect sparring partner to help in strategic reflection and translating their vision into an appropriate shop concept’, says Nele Bruers, Instore Experience Manager at DOBIT. ‘We did workshops, inspiration tours and various employee surveys in our efforts to identify SKM’s vision and character. Using all this information, we made a specific proposal for the interior design and digitalisation in the store.’ The warm design is founded on the female form and the art of sewing and repairs carried out daily by the sewing team. The digital screens put extra emphasis on this personal service and the USPs, and give the customers inspiration for looks and accessories.


360° approach

Apart from redesigning the store, the e-shop, corporate style and logo were also treated to a new look. ‘The strategic exercise led to a 360° approach in which we translated our vision into symbols across various channels. It is all in beautiful harmony, and that’s what makes it so powerful’, says Dominique. ‘SKM combined the expertise of various partners, which led to a wonderful result, entirely in line with their mission and vision’, concludes Nele. ‘The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the real value of a holistic approach’.

Thanks to the expertise of Wave of Engagement and DOBIT we have succeeded in conveying a story using a common language of symbols across the different channels. Based on our strategy, Wave of Engagement made various briefings, covering the design down to the website and digitalisation in the store. All relevant aspects were aligned, creating beautiful harmony.

Dominique Somers

Owner SKM


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